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  1. Suspension: Sport S vs. Mojave?

    That's $700 I'll definitely be spending at some point in the future around the time I have to replace the balljoints with something more durable.
  2. Suspension: Sport S vs. Mojave?

    I'd love to see a pic... It's just seems off to me because Fox doesn't even make 2.5" emulsion shocks for the Gladiator (it would have to be a universal or custom application) and every Mopar kit I've seen clearly has the 2.0 body.
  3. Suspension: Sport S vs. Mojave?

    @Oboc It's a ~$3,250 upgrade or so on the non-Mojave but key point is that the Mojave is basically a 1" lift with finely-tuned bypass shocks... if you want to go higher, you're sacrificing droop and travel and, because your ride height is different, it will completely screw up the valving of the...
  4. Dangerous control of my Jeep over the internet

    I'll re-emphasize: Old things get patched, new things get found. Spectre and its variants sat in hiding for over a decade. Just because it isn't currently known doesn't mean it won't be an issue in the future. Either way I'm done in here. I've said what I need to say and there's no reason...
  5. Dangerous control of my Jeep over the internet

    What misinformation? Are you not aware of the dudes who presented at Black Hat who literally hacked an unmodified Cherokee via the onboard wifi? It's not a current vector anymore because they revised the SGW but it's arrogant and foolish to claim anything is unhackable.
  6. Dangerous control of my Jeep over the internet

    The one vector is the onboard wifi which may or may not disable if there's no LTE... it can be toggled and clearly the wifi can't access the internet without cellular, but who knows how it will operate in a retired state. Though I'm not sure LTE is going away even in 10 years. But either way...
  7. Dangerous control of my Jeep over the internet

    Our server rooms are just slightly more secure than a vehicle that commonly has a fabric top and is regularly found without doors. Even with all that extra security, I don't typically skip flicking a vulnerable setting to "off" just because it's unlikely to be exploited. The problem with any...
  8. Automatic braking with nothing in front of me.

    It's actually mandatory in the service manual for every OEM I know of and insurance will pay for it. The refraction through the glass can screw up the readings so the sensor has to be recalibrated if you change it. So if you have the sensor, I highly suggest glass coverage.
  9. Automatic braking with nothing in front of me.

    Yup. Toyota is considered fairly far ahead of FCA on the whole autonomous driving thing and with how much a disaster the system was in my Tacoma, there was no way in hell it was going on my Gladiator. Auto cruise is nice but it's not worth getting my ass rammed by a RAM 3500 doing 80 down the...
  10. RLD designs pic request

    Wow that's a lot of wiggle room in that hole then. Feeling a lot better about my setup now.
  11. RLD designs pic request

    Very valid question actually... curious if you're right but then that's like an 8mm bolt which I think would be way too small... I feel nervous about mine with a 10mm.
  12. RLD designs pic request

    Which is really odd to me beacuse a 1/2" bolt barely fit and 1/2" ~~ 12.7mm or so which is a really common 12mm washer ID. I guess I should probably get some new square nuts cut so I can do them at the right size... I'd rather not have the risk of my rack sliding and wearing through the finish.
  13. Swapping Sport for Rubicon bumper

    Bolt-in replacement. Fog light harness connector is the same - as long as you have the harness on the bumper, it's the same connector on the passenger frame rail. Fog lights, however, are bumper-specific and the Sport lights do not fit the Overland/Rubi plastic bumper. Hooks mount the same so...
  14. RLD designs pic request

    Quick question, what size hardware did they provide to mount the rack to the cap? 12mm?
  15. tubular lightbars in a world of cookie cutter brackets.

    I think 40lbs for a light mount might be a bit excessive haha
  16. Dangerous control of my Jeep over the internet

    touché, but you know what I was getting at. Jeep considered the system secure before it was hacked the first time around. Hell even after the security gateway was installed, the same people still managed to bypass it with the only new requirement being physical access to the connector...
  17. Dangerous control of my Jeep over the internet

    Oh, my bad, I wasn't aware we had the Chief of Engineering among us.
  18. Dangerous control of my Jeep over the internet

    The problem here is that with a car, connectivity is a primary requirement for most buyers but the industry at large has very little experience with security as it's never been a concern. It's been rough for the industry because much like in general IT, it took time for the industry to actually...
  19. So why do people like ground tents?

    Feeling like this is a parody thread but here are mine: (1) Stability... a RTT is a lot of weight high on the vehicle and it makes a world of difference in off-camber situations. You can mitigate this by tucking it behind the cab but that comes with its own issues of rack vs cap and less...
  20. Oracle Won't Accept Returned Lights Due to Scuffing

    The good cop, bad cop in this thread is going to do more damage then would have been done just standing firm on the established policy and letting someone bitch about you. Honestly your responses have turned me off to you as a company more than the post.