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  1. Jeep (JL) Theft Caught on Security Cam

    Sure thing. Now go back and read TPC 9.42
  2. AMP XL power steps

    Guy in ohio has a set for sale in the Members Market place
  3. Jeep (JL) Theft Caught on Security Cam

    I joke about it all the time. It makes me smile talking about dropping asshats.
  4. How Tall is Your Modified Gladiator??

    I sent an email out to them 2 weeks ago about this very topic. I received a message back that said they have no plans of making the Duratrac in a larger size at this time.
  5. Minnesota Border to Border Trail

    Does any of this run through Sax Zim Bog? I will be heading up there from Ohio next week to chase the owls around to photograph.
  6. Introduction

    That stinger bumper is top notch :LOL:
  7. Introduction

    Welcome. What tires are you planning on going with?

    So what are you guys selling? Why is this in the Members Marketplace?
  9. What are your thoughts on the likelihood of a true base model?

    I am constantly doing pointless things. What of it?
  10. What are your thoughts on the likelihood of a true base model?

    Whats the point of bringing up a post that has not been active since Oct 2o 2017? The OP only posted 1 message and drives a Silverado :CWL:
  11. What are your onboard "essentials"?

    Thats what my cargo pants are for. Safe and secure on body carry of my body glide body at all times buddy.
  12. What are your onboard "essentials"?

    As long as it was for a BEERRUN no problems.
  13. What are your onboard "essentials"?

    I run naked a lot so I don't carry anything I would not like to see gone. I don't even lock the glovebox or center council . Don't want it broken fo no reason. So far I have had nothing come up missing. Not even my change.
  14. How Tall is Your Modified Gladiator??

    I need them in a 37's. 37's is the new 35". I have been running them since 2011 and love this tire. Moving on to the Milestar patagonia 38's.
  15. How Tall is Your Modified Gladiator??

    Im sitting at 73" stock rubicon Duratrac 35's.
  16. Recent Customer Service experiences / company reviews.

    Nice thread OP :like: I'll pitch in a bit. Ace: Awesome, Ordered sliders from them and they where up front about the lead time. They called for customer pickup a week early and had the sliders ready at the door when I arrived to pick them up. Guy on the phone did ask if I was bringing a truck...
  17. Dumb question - found duck on my Jeep

    I have yet to get ducked. Strangers duck my wife lady all the time but I cant get ducked for the life of me. You would thank my wife lady would feel bad for me and give me a mercy ducking in my driveway. Welcome to the forum.
  18. Damaged Front Bumper Upon Arrival...Again...

    Correct. If you have to refurbish it You need to charge for that. The 1st bumper would of been 80% off. The second 45% or so or it also goes back.
  19. Damaged Front Bumper Upon Arrival...Again...

    We had the same thing happen when my wife lady ordered a piano from a big box music store. The 1st one was beat to pieces. the hood or what ever you call the thing that covers the keys would not even open so we sent that one back. The next one came and had some small Knicks in it. I was able to...
  20. What do u have coming in the mail?

    Well the last bit of parts for my Rock Krawler Pro-X kit came in today to my surprise. So now I have nothing coming in the mail... Until I figure out what I need next. Maybe some 38's:idea: