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  1. Back seat covers - easy on/off?

  2. Anyone get WARN Tube Doors recently?

    I've looked at several other sites and their availability is the same " Ships directly from the manufacturer on 11/06/20 " etc... I got the mirrors pretty quick - looks like Warn can't get them out..
  3. Anyone get WARN Tube Doors recently?

    PM if they fall though.
  4. Anyone get WARN Tube Doors recently?

    Has anyone received WARN tube doors recently? I ordered front/rear doors back on 9/4 from quadratec and the ship dates keep moving out (now 11/12 and 11/30). I know these are being shipped from the manufacturer - wondering if WARN is shipping these at all?
  5. Back seat covers - easy on/off?

    I'm looking for a backseat cover that is reasonably easy to take on and off, don't flap around when doors/top are off and , if possible, can be purchased separately from the front seat covers, I've got factory leather seats and want to protect the back seat because I take my dog to the...
  6. Gladiators and Camper Pictures

    Barely knew it was back there (2600# dry), did great pulling up to Lake Almanor at 4500' ~13mpg round trip. Definitely need more room (the r-pod was a rental)
  7. GOBI Gladiator JT Club

    Yeah those were a requirement from the boss. Nothing else yet, except an antennaX to replace the bent one (1st time through the carwash). But I have a list.....
  8. GOBI Gladiator JT Club

    I’m falling behind @LJ_Viking .. Found some trails in Boise before we headed back to CA, couldn’t being her home clean..
  9. California Rock rail takeoffs in Northern California

    doesn’t help you now but I’ll have a set in about a month. I have a ship date of 7/9 for my JTR - will be pulling them off for N-FAB Nerf Steps.
  10. Gone Gator Gone?!?

    I agree - I don't think pictures to it justice. Went to local dealer to see it in person and liked it even more - bummed I can't order it.
  11. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    Priced out a Max Tow and Rubicon with what I would want and the difference is about 4.5k . After some swap outs on the Max Tow the difference with the Rubicon may not be too hard to swallow. Brake controller for sure - been following the mopar accessory brake controller thread and thought...
  12. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    That would be the sensible thing to do, but.... :)
  13. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    Thx - some nice setups out there. Looks like for what we'd be looking at the performance/capability of Max Tow or Rubicon would both work nicely, nice to have options... :)
  14. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    thx.. Yeah, while it was within the max limits and didn't feel sketchy in the flats (didn't get passed by a semi at 70mph either) I wouldn't feel comfortable towing that rig/weight beyond short/flat trips. I'm thinking 6000lbs "all in" (and shorter trailer) is what we'd end up with.
  15. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    Just rented a JTR (fairly loaded) for the weekend and we’re ALL IN. We put around 500 miles on it and was pleasantly surprised how well it did all around (highway/backroads/around town). I had a CJ7 and Wrangler back in the 90’s so I already knew about the fun factor. Looking forward to...