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  1. Spare tire worth the upgrade?

    Wow 😳 thanks Question, well actually 2 1. I bought all 5 tires from Discount but my builder put them together and convinced me to add Bead Balancing I. Addition to weights. I have noticed some weights have fallen off but still no indication of vibration. Is this still OK or could this cause...
  2. Spare tire worth the upgrade?

    I bought new rim and tire 37" and deflated so it would fit under the truck. I have the ARB compressor so no problem to air up if needed. Maybe the rim purchase was a waste of money? Thinking about 5 wheel rotation. Bought tires from Discount tires and not sure if they do 5 tire rotations.
  3. Power slide steps feedback?

    Yes, there is a disable switch. If you turn it off while their retracted they wont deploy when the door is opened. If you turn it off while the one or two are deployed they will stay in that position. I use this allot when offroad or washing the truck.
  4. Power slide steps feedback?

    If the doors are I don’t think they’ll work. Because it uses a sensor mounted on the door jam to see if the door is closed to retract. Maybe if you use half doors? You can disable the steps with a switch. But the switch off keeps in the current position. So if the steps are deployed after...
  5. Power slide steps feedback?

    No, it's been working great. Also to note, if something gets in the way when it drops down it has sensors and prevents it from hitting too hard. Couple of time I was too close, (Small Garage), and it hit my leg but sensor stopped it and hit was just a nudge. After that have to close and open...
  6. Power slide steps feedback?

    I have 2” lift with 37’s and the rockslide engineering steps with the light option. There very sturdy. So got them on the wife JK too. Only thing bad about the JK is if the sensor magnet gets bumped around it becomes a pain. Every bump the step deployees . Have to turn off till can reposition...
  7. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    I can’t wait! 2020 jeep Gladiator. I use my key for all the bolt accessories. Can’t stand the key always opening in the pocket. Rubber bands don’t last and always hit the buttons.
  8. Power Sliding Rear Window - It's possible!

    Wow wish Ii had seen this earlier. LOL I just re-ordered the 64:1 thanks. I will try to return the 256:1
  9. Power Sliding Rear Window - It's possible!

    Found a different option for the Button. I am going to try it. Button Kit Alos comes with a handy wiring diagram to the actuator.
  10. The best possible ARB Pump Install location ever?

    I installed my ARB in the Truck bed. Didn't need the air for lockers. so just for an air supply. Waiting on tank to arrive to install.
  11. What Jeep stuff did y’all get for Christmas?

    New twin ARB compressor, new gas can and new air brush dash
  12. Your Jeep's name

  13. Driver seat lowering bracket?

    Great, didn’t think 🤔 about overlapping but that’s good thinking!
  14. Leather Interior Project

    Very Nice. Ohh noo, another Mod coming :facepalm:
  15. Driver seat lowering bracket?

    I feel another purchase from Chrysler coming. Just last week I ordered new driver bezel and passenger airbag door. Gonna send out for some custom airbrush painting ‍. It’s a secret I’ll share photos when complete!
  16. Driver seat lowering bracket?

    Can’t wait almost to the point of getting the old hack saw out!
  17. Your Jeep's name

    DROGON from game of thrones. Because it’s fire cracker red and a fire breather. Just like my 2003 mustang Cobra I named Spitfire! So now have two fire breathers. And the wife’s wrangler is called J-wow. One jeep-wow and second like the character J-Wow
  18. Driver seat lowering bracket?

    I’m anxiously waiting too. Really annoying. Window is small enough as it is. Let alone only seeing out one corner!
  19. What is next for your Gladiator?

    SB air scoop and cold air box. Limb risers