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  1. Ohio Trails

    I have the max tow so it came with some all terrains instead of standard street tires. Not the most aggressive tread but better than street. Sounds like a family trip is in order. Thanks for the info guys.
  2. Ohio Trails

    My first time owning a Jeep and want to get out and do some light offroading and camping with the family. Does Southington have a decent amount of trails for a stock sport S max tow? How is the camping? Do they have decent amount of space for pop-up campers?
  3. Trailer brake controller

    There is a separate plug for the brake controller. Mine was taped to the wiring harness under the driver's side dash. It was on the far left above my left foot. I also installed the RedArc similar to Combolc's install.
  4. Took Delivery of Your JT? Sign in Here!

    Picked up our first Jeep a little over a week ago. Hydro Blue Sport S with Max Tow, alpine audio, bed liner, and aux switches. I've had a couple S10's in the past. One was a yellow ZR2 that I sold a long time ago but have been itching to get back into a truck ever since. We have a pop-up camper...