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  1. Dumb question - found duck on my Jeep

    #duckduckjeep it is a new thing, kind of a PG version of nice fucking Jeep!
  2. Curiousity poll

  3. North Carolina Mojave wheels

    Those aren’t the same as the stock rims, the stock rims are 17x7.5.
  4. 2020 Gladiator

    Based on the feedback here, I wouldn't buy one unless it was MORE than 8% below invoice. Another factor though is the color you are looking for, I wanted Gator, so I bought off the lot in November. I did get a great deal though, about 9.5% below invoice, so I was very happy. Down here Westgate...
  5. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    How do they lock? Those look like the same ones I have on my JKU and mine do not lock. Thanks!
  6. Did you buy a Jeep that is a truck or a truck that is a Jeep?

    Both, I still have my 2010 JKU that is all dressed up to offroad. I had both the JKU and a 2018 Challenger T/A 392, wife said one has to go in order to buy the Gladiator, as much as I liked the Challenger I couldn't part with my JKU. I learned to drive in a 47 Willy's CJ2A, owned a 55 Willy's...
  7. How to add accessories in an Overland

    The JL300 comes with a “half” cubby for the left side, next to the switches. You would remove the cubby that is in there and replace it with the switches and the “half” cubby. My JTR had a half cubby where my switches now reside.
  8. Dealer / after-market add-ons for Overland?

    There is an inline fuse on the positive wire, there is also a connector that wires into the fuse box if you want the switches to only have power when the vehicle is in acc or run.
  9. Dealer / after-market add-ons for Overland?

    I did the VOSwitch JL300 myself after seeing another forum member recommended it. It was super easy to install, fits in the same location, and has 6 switches vice 4. I would have ordered the aux switches if I was ordering my JTR, but I was late deciding and Gator isn’t available for 2021 so I...
  10. If you don't order the All Weather Slush Mats... What do you get?

    Regular carpet mats? My JTR came with the slush mats (bought it off the lot) but I would venture that they have regular carpet floormats if you do not opt for the slush mats.
  11. Aux switches

    Just keep in mind, doing so after purchase requires a dealership flash to turn them on (or a tazer I believe), that can add $100 plus to the cost of buying them. That of course is assuming you install them yourself, having the dealership do it all I would guess costs somewhere around the $500 mark.
  12. Aux switches

    I did the VOSwitch, it was easy to install and puts six switches where the factory 4 would go. It was less than $250 to get off amazon. It is currently unavailable from amazon though.
  13. What Jeep stuff did y’all get for Christmas?

    I removed the engine cover and mounted mine using the existing mounting point.
  14. Warn Jackhammer rims photos

    Google reviews of the company were great, I went ahead and ordered them. Order was immediately cancelled due to "insufficient stock to fulfill my order", I also thought it was to goo to be true. I sorted by price, went to the site multiple times, and saw that they were listed as starting at...
  15. Wreckless Motorsports

    Just a heads up to everyone, placed an order from wreckless motorsports today, they immediately cancelled my order because the rims were not in stock. While I am not a fan of places advertising items for sale that they cannot fulfill, after speaking with the owner I would give them another shot...
  16. Warn Jackhammer rims photos

    I am looking to see if anyone has the Gunmetal Grey Jackhammer rims by Warn, specifically on a Gator Gladiator. Found a website that is selling them for $124 each, which saves $500 on getting a set of 5, so wondering how they look. I would go black, but those are $224 each. Thanks in advance!
  17. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    How was the install? Did you have to cut or relocate anything to fit it?
  18. Black Friday we are again...share what you find

    Maybe, I was going to do the same as Mountainpass and copy the one I got on here for you. It definitely worked at my local HF.
  19. Black Friday we are again...share what you find

    Harbor Freight emailed out a 25% off coupon today, I was able to go and get an Apex winch for $449 with it. (ITC could use it starting today, everyone else is 12/4-12/6)