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  1. Go Rhino sliders quality?

    Keep in mind, "Bolts to frame" is a misnomer. Yes it bolts to the frame, but it is using the body bolts for the cab. Rock Hard utilizes the pinch seam holes and the body bolts. Others utilize just the pinch seam holes OR the body bolts.
  2. Best full-width aluminum front bumper?

    My apologies, Rock Hard uses aluminum for their winch plate on the aluminum bumper. It was another manufacturer that the weight doubled for aluminum bumper when winch plate is added.
  3. Best full-width aluminum front bumper?

    No, not the winch, the winch plate. It's going to weigh as much as the bumper, if not more. The winch will be another 70 pounds give or take. That same bumper, in steel, with a recessed winch mount and a front receiver is 140 pounds. It's on it's way to me now. In aluminum, there will be...
  4. Best full-width aluminum front bumper?

    If you want aluminum, you're going to have to pay a premium. No matter where you get it from. Keep in mind, if you want a winch the winch plate is steel and is still going to be heavy.
  5. Scrambler Tribute...need help with roll bar

    You can find photos of the original Scrambler bars and try a local fabrication shop. It would be a one off, custom thing that nobody else would have. If you don't care if it's not a functional roll bar, try a local Mom and Pop exhaust shop. They could do the custom bends with ease and...
  6. Go Rhino sliders quality?

    Don't personally know about their products, but one of the key things missing from the description is where they are made. To me that sends up a red flag.
  7. Go Rhino sliders quality?

    I am in the piping industry, I have to deal with Chinese pipe and fittings daily and yes, it is very poor quality steel. You never know what they threw in the smelter with the recycled steel.
  8. Go Rhino sliders quality?

    If you want true protection, either on or off road, there are several USA based manufacturers that are mentioned all over this Board. I personally bought Rock Hard sliders with angled down bars. My wife is 5'-1" and needed a boost. Put traction tape on them and then when wet, ice or snow...
  9. Go Rhino sliders quality?

    I would say as long as you don't expect them to protect your rig and you don't mind thin wall Chinese recycled steel then go for it.
  10. Truck Master Designs drip rails installed, bye-bye wet pants!

    Mine have been on since April and no issues. Have gone through late winter, spring, summer, fall and back into winter and holding strong. Been through multiple car washes, heavy winds and thunderstorms and no issues. Like anything else, do the required prep to get the required results. Some...
  11. Factory Oil Change

    Mopar has no oil refinery and thus makes no oil. They repackage someone else's oil and then charge a premium. There are several oils available that meet or exceed factory specifications. Do your wallet a favor and do some research on the internet or go here, and...
  12. 813 Fabrication & Design - Under Rear Seat MOLLE Storage Solution

    You may want to go to the website and give your email when asked for. There is a page for this item on the website.
  13. Fishbone Off Road Tube Fender Flares?
  14. Jeep (JL) Theft Caught on Security Cam

    To be honest, with the way vehicles are set up now anyone with a lap top or pad, the right connectors, and some mild code, can steal a vehicle. Wouldn't even need a key.
  15. RPM's die down

    Button on the dash will turn off traction/stability control. If you have a Tazer installed it will remember it and turn it off every time you start. I just reengaged mine when winter showed up.
  16. Remote Start, Any Work Around on the 2 Starts?

    Anyone found a work around on the 2 remote start limit yet? First vehicle I've had that limited me on remote starts. Sometimes 30 minutes isn't enough to thaw out frozen doors and I REALLY don't want to replace torn up door seals. Yes, I wipe the seals with WD40, but sometimes it doesn't help.
  17. Biggest tire size I can go on 21 Rubi Diesel?

    Factory or aftermarket wheels? You don't say which. Aftermarket, 37's for onroad only or you'll rub. 35's will get you offroad, but full articulation/compression you'll rub. Factory wheels, no bueno without wheel spacers.
  18. Halos on Fog lights

    Per the instructions on the page you linked. Halo Wiring Note: Additional wire may be needed. Extend Red wire to fuse panel (Use F52 for on/off with key)– Or existing headlight halo (+) & Black wire to ground(-).
  19. Front Bumper Auxiliary Lighting

    Okay, your winch sits on top, mine will be recessed. Still may not be enough room to invert the lights though.
  20. Front Bumper Auxiliary Lighting

    What bumper is that Jamie? I was wondering if I could invert the lights on the tabs so they are under the over rider bar, but it looks like there's no room.