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  1. How do you clean the Gladiator?

    By hand. Collinite is good stuff
  2. Silvertruck build notes

    Enjoying what we’ve done so far. Took my father in law out to some dirt trails near his old homeplace in Samantha AL. Nothing strenuous. He loves the jeep. This little shelf is about five ft high
  3. High pitched noise from engine compartment

    Did you remember to feed the hamster? He gets hungry you know, all that running.
  4. Polished wheels

    I’d be all for the m/t baja III making a comeback. Or certain centerline wheels from the day. challenge is scratches offroad.
  5. 4WP vs Local Shops?

    Just thought I’d chime in on the lift. i had the mopar lift and its ok. It also came with a factory warranty. I liked it so much that I completely removed it at 10k miles and went with a complete clayton overland plus solution and other stuff that most definitely voided my warranty. Never...
  6. 4WP vs Local Shops?

    My vote is to support your local shop, unless they are way uncool to you. Especially with what is going on with Covid, supporting small business makes a lot of sense. use 4wp for great deals on mail order accessories.
  7. Gladiator Glamour Shots

    bringing the white letters back. I love this. Great look, so clean.
  8. Tire Choice for Mojave

    I just wanted to say that these wheels look sharp man. Really nice look, and i see they are plenty strong too. Great choice.
  9. Help me to pick and spec my first Jeep

    Rubicon still has the highest ceiling for capability overall in my opinion. It just depends on your goals and wallet. All of the models are nice.
  10. Gladiator Glamour Shots

    I forgot about this thread.
  11. Hated my Jeep color in person. Which do I pick now?

    If it were me and it was between green and nacho cheese orange, it would be green, and its not even close. Why be the cheese when everyone knows the jalapeño is what makes it good. that said, I’d take mine in silver.
  12. Moving Up In Size Means I Must Ditch the Duratrac

    My toyo mts are great. Sorry to hear others have issues with them, might be tire pressure. Mine run out great and perform well on and off road.
  13. Looking for

    Have you thought about more of a matte finish wrap? That may be cool.
  14. Alabama Gladiators

    google stoney lonesome ORV park. Also Chiccolocco ORV Park. Also talladega national forest roads 600-1, 600-2, and 617. Chiccolocco has a jeep badge of honor trail. I havent done it but plenty of youtube footage. search youtube for waypoint x. Local firefighter in bham but travels all over...
  15. Motortrend article

    The inconsistency has to be a little embarrassing. Come on Motor Trend, you used to be better.
  16. Stock Mojave w/ 37s Thread

    Whats the uptravel like? Seems like you may bump stop your flex away at least at high speed. Seems like up travel on a mojave would be more important than say a rubicon or slow overlander, as it features that high speed bump soaking suspension. It would be awesome to hear no issues or your...
  17. My First Jeep!!!

    As a former owner of a challenger scat pack with the 392, I’d say the grand counts. Mopar or no car!!! Welcome to the sickness. Nice jeep!
  18. Mopar 2” vs Clayton 3.5” lift before and after

    Definitely. We put in an Adams front drive shaft with the install. The rear driveshaft is still stock though i plan to get a carrier bearing spacer from Rock Jock if they ever come off back order. No issues with the rear but the front cv style joint on the transfer case side would not have...
  19. Stock Mojave w/ 37s Thread

    Might want to Check the bumpstops if running 37’s and no lift.