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  1. Anyone install 813 Fabrication compressor mount?

    Thanks for the responses. Guess that is my next move now. Still trying to decide on where to place the air chuck at so it is easy to get to. Seeing as most lower the seat back may just put it on the compressor.
  2. Lets talk about bed covers

    So far so good. It fits good and does a good job of keeping what is in the bed safe. The velcro that runs along the sides is holding strong. I have had to roll it up and strap it out of the way a couple times and each time it rolls up and back into place without any issues. It does not bounce or...
  3. My 5.7L Hemi Gladiator Conversion

    Oh dang!!!! All I got was audio but that was all I needed! I may need a moment........... Now I seriously can not wait for mine and it is like in forever (4 weeks) I can only image how you are doing right now knowing it is so close.
  4. Anyone install 813 Fabrication compressor mount?

    Thanks, yes that helps. I too will only be using it to air up my tires, so that is the only time it will be running.
  5. My 5.7L Hemi Gladiator Conversion

    Any new updates? What brand of fenders are those? I really like the style and shape.
  6. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Purchased the ECM from the dealer, then had them flash it with my oem tune before sending it to Magnuson. Got it back before the install so no waiting for it during the install.
  7. My 5.7L Hemi Gladiator Conversion

    Hemi 5.7 and transmission. Weather is not cooperating here so I will have them pull the Magnuson supercharger, then I will sell the supercharger. Nothing as dramatic as yours! Mine is set up about like yours was when it went in. 3" Rock Krawler no limits, 37" Milestar MT and vision wheels and...
  8. My 5.7L Hemi Gladiator Conversion

    Dang that looks great! I still have a month before mine goes to the shop. I can hardly wait. You will need to put up audio of it when you get it running.
  9. Anyone install 813 Fabrication compressor mount?

    Anybody install and use the 813 fabrication compressor mount that goes behind the JT rear seat? How long have you had it and how is doing in regards to heat? I have a single ARB that I have against the outside of the firewall, which I really like. I was told I will need to move it, as it will...
  10. My 6.4L HEMI Gladiator conversion

    Yes, premium fuel was really the main reason. I daily drive and I do not want to be paying for premium, especially now that fuel prices are rising. Also the pure performance of the 6.4 would get me in trouble. Lastly, I know it sounds odd after spending the amount for the conversion but I did...
  11. My 6.4L HEMI Gladiator conversion

    Do you mind giving info on how far and how much transport was? I am trying to decide between me dropping the JT off or having it transported. Not to Rubitrux. Will be awesome once you get the Hemi installed. I am going 5.7
  12. Long Range America secondary fuel tank installation!

    Dang it! Every time I say, okay this is the last major upgrade I need to do. Something or someone shows that I am wrong! Thanks for showing that the tank can be installed. I am planning on making it to Alaska here in the near future and that has been one of my concerns, is availability of fuel...
  13. My 5.7L Hemi Gladiator Conversion

    You have inspired me! Really can not wait to see how yours turns out. It is looking to be the real deal.
  14. My 5.7L Hemi Gladiator Conversion

    Dang, you are going big now! That is going to be awesome!
  15. Tazer JK Mini = Vac and Boost

    Everyone may already know this and I may just be late to the party. I just found out that the Tazer JL Mini will register vacuum and boost. I thought I had seen something in regards to boost when I was scrolling thru the menus back when I first got it. Sure enough when I opened up the live menu...
  16. My 5.7L Hemi Gladiator Conversion

    That is looking real nice! Motor looks good sitting in there. Suspension looks good to.
  17. Pentastar V6 idle

    Cold engines should run on the rich side until warm. They are running a open loop map until a set temp. is reached then they go closed loop and run off of the O2 sensors.
  18. Ares - Build Thread

    Very nice video. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I have heard about the TAT and now seeing a portion of it looks to be an interesting goal.