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  1. Towing in the snow/ice

    And I might add that’s a sweet little trailer. Who is the dealer?
  2. Towing in the snow/ice

    Those are electric brakes. The little battery box that activates the brakes during a breakaway is the clue.
  3. Ultimate Overlanding and Camping Power Source

    I bet you will get over 7 hours when you avoid the efficiency loss of converting DC to AC and then back to DC but probably not a full 8 hours. What voltage does your CPAP machine use? May still have to step it up or down.
  4. Decent rock rail/step

    I have the Mopar rock slider/step and really like them. They protect the rear fenders and door hinges and work perfect as a step.
  5. 58qt fridge kill my battery

    The question wasn’t about a solution for his needs it was how long would it last without killing the battery until he is able to upgrade to a more reliable plan. I went with an extreme solution because I sell batteries and refrigerators and want to show off my products. Most people would do...
  6. 58qt fridge kill my battery

    Thanks for teaching me something! I was inspired to do some reading and the AGM in our Jeeps makes more sense than just vibration resistance. Everything is so electronic in all modern vehicles AGM is the common sense solution, especially when you throw in the auto stop start feature. After...
  7. 58qt fridge kill my battery

    I got it off of Amazon and I have two of my 100 amp hour LiFePO4 batteries in there. My entire accessory power system is mounted to a 1/2 piece of plywood so when I want the bed of the truck open I just have to unplug the Anderson plug are take it out.
  8. 58qt fridge kill my battery

    That sure nuff says AGM. I’ve never looked at mine but probably have the same thing. It makes sense for a vehicle marketed for off road to have AGM
  9. 58qt fridge kill my battery

    The largest NOCO you can buy is crazy overkill. I have a GB70 in my Gladiator and GB20s in my ES350 as well as my wife’s van, my father in law’s Subaru and both daughter’s cars.
  10. 58qt fridge kill my battery

    Yes they do. My concern is that I want to make sure, and want everyone who buys one of my refrigerators, does not reach for something in the fridge only to find out that everything is ruined because the battery protection system turned off the fridge without them noticing.
  11. 58qt fridge kill my battery

    I have a Launch Edition and I was not aware that any stock Jeep came with an AGM battery. But I do know that not all AGM batteries are deep cycle batteries. And I would also add that I don’t think that a stock battery at 50% state of charge will start a Gladiator. Haven’t tested that theory so...
  12. 58qt fridge kill my battery

    Most of the good fridges will draw about 1 amp per hour under average test conditions. I have one in the bed of my Gladiator at all times and it has gone several days at far less than one amp per hour when it is cool on the garage. (Even on our coldest day of 11 degrees outside it was still 50...
  13. Ultimate Overlanding and Camping Power Source

    Sorry it took a while for me to get back here and update but I was able to get two full nights of CPAP use out of one 100 Ah battery with a 1000 watt pure sine wave inverter. Please let us know how your system performed for comparison.
  14. Proper tires for towing a travel trailer

    Shouldn’t be a problem at all. The stock tires and almost all oversize tires will be rated much higher than your Gladiator can actually tow.
  15. Ultimate Overlanding and Camping Power Source

    I normally get up very early so in turn I get tired very early so I went to bed at my normal time of 9:00PM’ish last night and since I’m off work today I didn’t get up and ended up sleeping for over 9.5 hours with one of my 100Ah LiFePO4 batteries powering my CPAP. I will continue using the...
  16. Ultimate Overlanding and Camping Power Source

    According to my inverter my CPAP draws 80 watts. So, in theory, a 640 watt hour battery should get someone 8 hours of sleep. Not much room for efficiency loss or anything less than 100% state of charge. Please let us know how your test goes.
  17. Ultimate Overlanding and Camping Power Source

    Yes my setup is much more reserve power than many will need. But, on the other hand, it probably won’t be enough or many as well. The unit you linked to is a 576 watt hour system. Your CPAP should have some sort of sticker on it noting how much power it consumes. The rest is pretty simple math...
  18. Water / Liquid Puddles in Garage

    Also like to ask if you drive a lot of short distances. Byproducts of combustion are CO2 and H2O and if the truck isn’t allowed to fully warm up the water can condense in the exhaust system. Now I’ll admit that for it to have as much moisture as you mention it would have to sit and idle for a...
  19. Ultimate Overlanding and Camping Power Source

    OK we are back to some normalcy here. Sorry for the brief interlude.
  20. Ultimate Overlanding and Camping Power Source

    As far as the product we are going to offer I am also exploring the idea of a cable that will reach back up to the front to power the winch or use as a jump system. The ability to self jump or nose nose jump a buddy has been mentioned a few times. Also the ability to self recover in the event...