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  1. OEM Gladiator Steel Wheels

    here are the basic sport steel wheels on my Overland. I am a fan of these. Bruce
  2. Black steel Sport wheels

    got me a set with JTR take off tires
  3. How do you clean the Gladiator?

    wash at home with 2 bucket system, foam gun, ionized water and leafblower to dry, then hyperseal exterior with Eagle edgless blue towels. Bruce
  4. Why not buy a full size truck for the same price?

    I have owned many Rams and liked them all, but my first Jeep had to be a Gladiator. The utilitarian look is what sold me on one. Always wanted an H1, but the JT is a fabulous all around vehicle and serves all my needs and wants and of course is a blank canvas to modify
  5. Anyone with the Base Sport?

    I had ordered a basic sport with hardtop and bedliner back in March, vehicle was put on hold due to manual transmission recall and covid shutdown. Dealer scored me a a heavily optioned Overland for less money. When the Sport did arrive it sold in less than a week. love the wheels on the...
  6. For all you Jeeple...

    I am sure the Toyota Corolla Owners Association is missing out on Gamer night to watch this. Bruce
  7. Entire Gladiator Line-X Sprayed

    I did this to a Dodge Dakota and had them clearcoat the bedliner and looked great for years. Bruce
  8. Curiousity poll

    Yes Bruce
  9. Soft paint. Hand wash only.

    Car wash with brushes does more damage to paint than leaving it dirty. Those are a no no. handwash with 2 bucket system and grit gaurds with good MF towels. the less you touch the paint the better. Bruce
  10. Mopar Garage build

    Have not posted on here in a while as no new additions have been added. I have ordered the KC Gravity Pro6 light bar and really looking forward to this addition. will paint the hardware to match the truck. Bruce
  11. What do u have coming in the mail?

    KC Gravity pro 6 lights. will paint the mounting hardware to match truck. Bruce
  12. Hello from Omaha

    Nice looking ride, about 10 folks i know have bought JT;s in all trim levels around my neck of the woods in Southwest Omaha. Bruce

    They have owners manuals? Bruce
  14. Recommendations for light bar above the windshield with conventional lights (like Hella or KC)?

    On my list very soon, do they have alternate covers or plain ones? Bruce
  15. Merry Christmas everyone🎄

    Happy Holiday to all Bruce
  16. If you had no jeep and just acquired $100,000....

    I would have this. Bruce
  17. Nine Ball's Mojave Build Thread

    Good work brother, I am having as much fun with this build as my Viper. Bruce
  18. How to paint to match Gator color on a camper?

    A good paint shop should have no problems matching. makes it easier if the same color primer is beneath. Bruce
  19. Critique My Options List

    If you switch tires no need to upgrade or pay extra for the new ones. Bruce
  20. Glass Shards Everywhere & Scratched Up Hardtop From Back Glass Replacement

    it does look pretty good, how long is the warranty on the work. Bruce