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  1. Jeep (JL) Theft Caught on Security Cam

    The best theft deterrent system is your garage. Esp in San Diego where cars are taken to Chula Vista and brought across the border on a daily basis.
  2. Gladiator demographics POLL! Why did you buy a Gladiator?

    These kind of polls are interesting because the more I experience this vehicle (my first Jeep and first truck), the more I realize Jeep really "has something" here. There was a Gator JT with Armory wheels and its tops were off at a local coffee shop yesterday and I said aloud, "man that thing...
  3. This is why I avoid the dealership...

    Keep in mind it isn't just Jeep dealerships. I have horror stories from almost every brand I've owned. One of my "favorite" ones was an Acura dealer broke one of my MDX lug bolts. The service advisor called me and said either I or someone else tightened the bolt and nut too much and caused his...
  4. New wheels !

    :beer: Bronze wheels on a grey vehicle, FTW :like:
  5. Entire Gladiator Line-X Sprayed

    I've driven my buddy's Kevlar painted JT. Perhaps there was a little heft, but overall, I wouldn't say I wouldn't too it because of the extra weight. Let's be honest, these things aren't Priuses, so a little loss in MPG isn't going to shock any of us. I do know that he showed me where a trail...
  6. Dead Battery BEFORE it leaves the dealer

    Sounds like you're JT is drawing power while it's turned off. Of course there's always a little power draw / battery fade, but this smells of something more. I'd take it into the dealer...
  7. Euro Spec Diesel Gladiator Gets Mojave Hood

    Looks right you're correct...freakin lucky Euros... (holy big arse bumpers Batman!)
  8. California Edition Gladiator Trim

    I'm like you, I don't see what's "California" about some blacked-out Sport S parts. As of this writing, there aren't any decals or badges. The Texas Trail at least has hood decals and embroidering on its leather seats. @pixeldecals, hook Jeep up with some proper CA decalling! :rock:
  9. California Edition Gladiator Trim

    Good doesn't mention that in any of the verbiage, nor does it show in the other pics, but it does look sweet in that front shot.
  10. California Edition Gladiator Trim

    Yeah I noticed that in the Build & Price as well. If you go to Limited Editions on the Gladiator menu (see below), click on California Edition and it will bring up the colors shown in my first post. However, you'll notice it includes Nacho, but no Sarge (?).
  11. Hated my Jeep color in person. Which do I pick now?

    This is becoming more popular. Buyers are going with medium/dark grey or black exterior (again, for blended in door jams, under hood, inside hatch, etc.) and just wrapping the exterior. I've seen local Socal quotes as low as $2K for a full exterior wrap. If you could save a couple grand on an...
  12. California Edition Gladiator Trim

    I see the Texas Trail Edition has a separate thread, so I thought I'd start one for the California Edition. It looks like it's a Sport S with black trim/accessories: gloss black Sport S wheels, gloss black Sport S fog lamp bezels, gloss black grille, gloss black dash panels, and black stitching...
  13. ΚΑΣΣΑΝΔΡΑ (Kassandra) - Hydro Blue and Supercharged

    So Kassandra is now going to have my attention. :captain:
  14. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    If you knew my 5 year old, that comment is more true that you think. Instead of being squashed, he'd be straddling it because it's the only entertainment this side of a still-closed Disneyland. :like: :beer:
  15. 2021 Jeep Gladiator Official Specs & Info. Sarge, Nacho & Gecko Colors Added

    The more I look at the Nacho JT in that picture, with the red and yellow, I can't unsee this...
  16. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    They are 33" x 12.5" WildTiger Crossleader tires. Yes, Wild. Tiger. The day after I got my JT Sport S, I floored it to my local wheel/tire shop as the stock wheels were killing me. The shop had a special on Jeep wheels and tires and these were the beauties that came with the package. When I...
  17. Very curious about the typical forum member - why all the modifications?

    Good point. I'll cover all bases. "Hey BOT, 1001 1000000001 111100000 1000001111 0000111111 1000111." (I either told him to eff off or that his underwear is dirty. My binary is a bit rusty.)
  18. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Installed special tires to grip a 5-year-old's sock when he inexplicably has one laying loose in the garage.
  19. All over the highway while hauling a load of parts

    For me, after getting a new box in late November, it's been night and day. Over the summer, we went camping and had a fully loaded JT with gear. It was swaying on the freeway to the point that I was uncomfortable at times. Although I haven't been camping since the new box was installed, I've...