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  1. Front coil spring bending after Daystar leveling kit.

    All that money spent you probably could have had a basic suspension lift. This was my fear and I offroad a bit and will have the added weight in bed. Bought an aev spacer lift and sat on it for two days before purchasing the full lift and returning the spacer.
  2. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Swapped out my 295’s and Black Rhino wheels for 35’ Geolander M/T with Mopar accessory wheels. My lift should be here tomorrow.
  3. Ohio (4) Black Rhino Arsenals w/ Ridge Grapplers

    Wheels are off the truck and ready to roll! 4 like new Black Rhino Arsenal wheels with 4 like new Ridge Grapplers. Bought these wheels and tires about six months ago. They currently have 4,000 miles on them. Wheels are clean no damage and are balanced and ready. They have been off road a...
  4. Jeep DrivePlus Mastercard

    If you service with the dealership it’s worth it. If not it’s just another card. The best point to get it is right in finance you can use it for a down payment and it’s 0% for six months.
  5. Ohio EVO Half Rack

    $500 anyone?
  6. Ohio EVO Half Rack

    Picked this rack up in Kentucky a few weeks back. Previous owner had it line-x. I give the job a 7/10. Wanting to sell because I want to invest in a few more things on my Gladiator before building out the sleeping set up. All hardware is included. Not looking to ship this rack is heft I’d say...
  7. Where did you take your Gladiator Today?

    The gladiator has been fine in the snow I’ve only put in 4high a few times on the road. Now the snow while offroading not do much. But I’ll lay blame to the Kentucky clay and snow at the same time. It packed which made decending hills terrifying I slid a good 50ft a few times.
  8. Where did you take your Gladiator Today?

    Went to Dirt Nasty offroad park in Mooreshead Kentucky the day after Christmas. Nice long hike there to pick up a smoking deal on a bed rack. Made a day out of it and stopped there. 14 hours of seat time in one day.
  9. Death Valley in Winter is amazing!

    Wow that looks like a good time. Curious what compressor set up your running. Looking to add one very soon
  10. Current $249 Lease Offer, Is It Worth It?

    This is insane and I’d love to see the break down. I’ve moved a few of these this month and I have no clue how they could pull that off. I’m an employee and couldn’t get that deal.
  11. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    Yeah I’ve riden in a few with the Mopar lifts and I thought they were ok. I want to go 37’s but that will have to wait for a regear or when I can park it and get a daily. Problem is I drive 15k miles a year 37’s will kill me on gas and maintenance
  12. Current $249 Lease Offer, Is It Worth It?

    This lease offer your seeing is very expensive for a base model. After taxes that’s a chunk of change out of pocket. I leased mine because I get a lease allowance for my job. I’m actually going to end my lease next year and buy it out and lease my wife a wrangler. I’ve already scratched mine all...
  13. What aftermarket LED lights are you guys running?

    Oracle bi-led no color changing. Absolutely love them. Being able to actually see at night has made my late night ride home from work way less exhausting. I’d put the light output on the same level as the factory led. I sell them for a living so I’ll pull on up next to mine later and take some...
  14. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    How you liking that suspension set up. I’m pretty much 90% decided on that kit
  15. GRANITE CRYSTAL JT Gladiator Club

    from 50ft it’s beautiful lol. It is my favorite gray I’ve ever had. I was just buzzed and butt hurt about the scratches. But honestly I could care less there will be more. It still looks great. Might as well enjoy it while it’s nice
  16. GRANITE CRYSTAL JT Gladiator Club

    As much as I loved this paint I’m fully regretting my decision now. This thing looks great clean from 10ft away. But after a handful of offroad trips it’s been ruined. This paint shows scratches like no other.
  17. EVO half rack experiences

    So I found a smoking deal. $400 for a like new evo bed half rack. So I bought it because who doesn’t love a good deal. Making a full day out of the drive and hitting Dirt Nasty offroad park in Kentucky before picking it up. So I wanted to know your experiences with the rack. How are things...
  18. Knock off Rubicon flares?

    So I found these on eBay dirt cheap an I’m tempted. Rubicon front fender take offs are a little to rich for my blood. Quality doesn’t need to be spot on as they’re going to get beat and scratched. Wanted to know if anyone has had experience with them...
  19. Michigan Mopar 2" Lift

    Your not to far from me! I’d be very interested. I’d be more than happy to make the drive for a deal!