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  1. Suspension bottoming out on normal roads

    How many inches between the bottom of the bump stop and where it hits?
  2. Long Range America secondary fuel tank installation!

    "I had my mind blown." Really? REALLY? You been trippin (pun intended). What would the inmates say? Gotta give a brother Vet and law enforcement officer a hard time...cause I know you will have a hard time reaching thru the internet to give me, "hand to throat counseling." THANKS FOR YOUR...
  3. Lifts for ecodiesel

    Hey, Bro...what time you gonna be home on Friday? Wanna drop my jeep off for the same suspension..will bring case of beer. Will pickup Sunday evening. On second thought, will wait til Sunday evening to bring the beer. Very Nice set-up and job! One of the things I can only dream about...
  4. Who would be interested in a two door Gladiator?

    Extended cab w/6 foot bed, please.
  5. Long Range America secondary fuel tank installation!

    Eddie, Eddie, are reading my mind. Clear out a bedroom and make room for a long term visitor. We have the Vulcan mind-meld going here, buddy. Will be following you closely.
  6. Skid plates for Diesel?

    Yea, heard about this farmer in NW Florida that makes them outta lead. Guaranteed not to scratch them...cause after installed, the jeep can't move!...Sorry, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I think it may be too early for them to be on the market. I too am interested...hopefully by summer...
  7. Have you noticed this on your buildsheet?

    C.R.A.P. There goes my land speed record attempt...visions of glory dashed.
  8. Entire Gladiator Line-X Sprayed

    Military uses "carc" paint. To the best of my knowledge, not available to the public and military must spray in special facilities due to toxic/hazardous spraying of carc.
  9. Swapping 17s for 18s

  10. Swapping 17s for 18s

    Your post is confusing swapping 18s for 17s or 17s for 18s? But, if you ever intend to build up rig with allot of weight, stay with the you may find that you need to add bigger brakes and the 18s may allow the additional space you will need.
  11. Long Range America secondary fuel tank installation!

    Eddie, one of the most important installs I intend to do...thanks for breaking new ground for us....And, please, let us know your thoughts after finishing some of your trips. Hopefully the issues you faced will be resolved by the time I receive mine.
  12. Weight Savings: EcoDiesel

    Understand. Since the boss and I will be overlanding full time, I will be removing the rear seat or a portion thereof...Weight savings...since I need a bumper that is heavier duty than plastic, I will mount an aluminum bumper (probably)...weight avoidance vice steel. But, since I am opting for...
  13. Weight Savings: EcoDiesel

    Totally agree, many products don't have a weight listed. I usually contact the vendor...some reply, but most don't.
  14. Near Death Experiences

    I have owned 5 jeeps, served in 5 combat/hostile fire zones and had near death experiences 4 times: 3 in Beirut (83-84) and once in Afghanistan. Not one of those near death experiences occured in a jeep. Goes to prove how safe jeeps are.
  15. For all you Jeeple...

    Jeeps aren't as friendly to the environment as many other vehicles. However, the biggest threat to our environment, that isn't addressed by the media....oxygen wasters...that provide no value to our world or people. Example: see video at beginning of thread.
  16. Near Death Experiences

    Nice to see everyone being honest regarding the stupid things you've done. I've never done anything stupid...NOT!
  17. Rubicon Diesel Frakenlifts?

    The AEV home site has their 2.5 inch dual sport suspension for the gas JT...but states it is not adequate for the diesel...but they are working on a suspension lift for it.
  18. Bumper dilemma

    Also check Hefty Fabworks. I believe their bumpers are steel and their site doesn't show brush guards on the JL/JT bumper...but, I have been led to believe that they are willing in many cases to make mods to their products.
  19. Bumper dilemma

    Suggest you check out the Genright site...they have a couple of aluminum bumpers that provide brush guard protection for the grill and headlight area.
  20. Just ordered Eco-Diesel Rubi

    Well, from my perspective the tech was technically correct. BUT, think you will also have to switch out the sport fenders for rubi fenders to avoid rubbing.