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  1. Best seat covers for the Gladiator?

    Sounds like they get some in, fill some orders, then have to wait on the next batch. I wonder if covid has anything to do with meeting demand.
  2. Huntsville, AL.. soon to arrive

    Welcome to Huntsville. There are a few off-road parks, etc. around here. If you're on Facebook, look up the Rocket City Wranglers (RCW, Huntsville-based), Iron City Wranglers (Birmingham-based), and North Alabama Jeep Club; they can get you hooked into local Jeeping. $450k will get you a...
  3. Swapping OEM led fog light to steel stubby bumper?

    Swapped my LED foglights from a plastic bumper to a steel stubby. Is wasn't bad. The only challenge was that there's a lot of wiring running all through that bumper and it's all clipped in. Since I reused the wiring, it was a pain to carefully remove all that.
  4. Best seat covers for the Gladiator?

    The seat backs (fronts and backs) slide over and they're a pretty snug fit. The passenger side rear seat cover (the "60") has some velcro at the headrests and a zipper along the back to accommodate the middle seatbelt. The front seat covers have a pair of buckle straps and some elastic hooks...
  5. Jeep Gladiator - happy owners? seeing scary stuff in the repair forums

    16k miles, maybe having an issue with my head unit. I'm gonna hold out for a software update first.
  6. How do I fix this?

    Sorry, what am I looking at here?
  7. Best seat covers for the Gladiator?

    Completely forgot to upload pics last week.
  8. Bumper dilemma

    I had a quadratec QRC full width bumper on my JKU. I got rear-ended pretty hard while sitting traffic. I was launched into the Honda civic in front of me, which totalled it. I had some damage to the rear of my jeep. The frame was bent and had to be replaced. The QRC number had a scuff on it...
  9. Grab Handles - are they useful?

    I kept the OEM grab handles from my JKU when I traded it in and moved them to my Gladiator just because I thought it was cool to move something a little old to something new.
  10. Well ran over this dude yesterday!

    Did the other driver get cited for not running headlights?
  11. Q4 and Full-Year 2020 Gladiator Sales Numbers Reported. 77,542 Units Sold Total

    Wasn't the plant closed for weeks this year and at reduced capacity for weeks as well? Also, wasn't the plan to shift some portion of production from JLs to Gladiators since they have so much in common?
  12. Anyone tried the Mopar Sun Bonnet 82215620?

    This one: It covers the front and rear seats. No door surrounds required (none of the pictures or instructions show surrounds at all). Also, this is a sail cloth top; not a mesh. Are door surrounds even a thing on Gladiators?
  13. Bird poop after removing top

    It's a Jeep thing.
  14. Anyone tried the Mopar Sun Bonnet 82215620?

    I got the Besttop safari top for my Gladiator over the weekend. I ordered it and the windshield channel a few days before Christmas and got them right after. The windshield channel is one piece (the one I had for my JKU was 2 pieces). The top snaps to it. The top also uses button-head screws...
  15. Best seat covers for the Gladiator?

    Yes. Mine arrived Saturday morning and I put them in that afternoon. It took a couple hours and the instructions are useless, but they look pretty good. The tan is pretty light; i would've preferred it be a little darker. By far them most time consuming part of the install were the front...
  16. Best seat covers for the Gladiator?

    Update: FedEx changed my delivery date to Saturday, so I likely won't get these on until Sunday.
  17. Best seat covers for the Gladiator?

    My Gladiator is gator, so I went with tan also. FedEx still says mine will be here by the end of the day. I ordered mine on 9/16. Quadratic must be getting them in smallish shipments.
  18. Best seat covers for the Gladiator?

    I got a shipping notice from Quadratec. My Diver Down seat covers are on the way and should be here tomorrow. Looks like I'll be able to put them on in the next few days.