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  1. Axle swap question

    What, if anything, happens to the factory off road pages, etc. when you do the swap? Currently I am having issues with my rear Rubicon axle and it may be toast. I've noticed that if I unhook the wiring harness from the rear the dash lights up like a Christmas tree telling me I have a locker...
  2. flashing rear locker light after re-gear

    It's currently at the dealership as we speak. Things aren't going well at all due to me re-gearing it.
  3. flashing rear locker light after re-gear

    Wondering if anyone has had the unfortunate experience of the dreaded rear flashing locker light? Re-geared my personal Gladiator yesterday and all went as expected. Lowered off the lift and at start-up the rear locker light immediately started flashing. Verified that the rear isn't actually...
  4. AirLift rear bag system - info you need to know

    Wanted to share my experience installing a rear bag lift system for towing. Hope this helps others. I have the 2" MOPAR lift on my Rubicon (new taller springs - not spacers as some other lifts) I originally ordered the Air Lift Company kit specifically designed for the Gladiator. Kit #60830...
  5. Anyone install rear air bags to help prevent squatting while towing?

    Bumping this back to the top. I too have the MOPAR lift on my JT Rubicon. I have the 60830 Airlift sitting on a shelf to install. For those with my set-up what did you end up using?
  6. Trail Rail removal

    Yep, knew those push pins were in there but that wasn't what seemed to be holding it so tight. Turns out around each hole was the strongest double sided tape I have ever encountered. We're rolling now. Thanks
  7. Trail Rail removal

    Trying to remove the factory Trail Rail system with factory spray in bed liner. We are installing the EVO bed rack. All bolts removed but the rails will not budge from the bed sides. I assume the liner was still wet / tacky when the rails were installed??!? We have had two guys sitting in...
  8. Thoughts on Roof Lite Bars

    Not only do they create various noises, create issues parking in garages, et.. .If you like the look and are doing it solely for that purpose then I get it. We all add things for aesthetic reasons. How often can you even use them? Not legal on the street in most states. And for those who...
  9. Gladiator fuel overflowing.

    I mentioned this a few pages ago. The recall, at least with my 2007 JKUR back in the day, was to replace the vent line to a larger one. Zero issues after that.
  10. Gladiator fuel overflowing.

    I’ve got almost 8k on mine and it started overflowing probably 5 tanks ago and does it every time now. No matter the gas station or how I hold the gas nozzle. I even use the lowest “step” on the handle and it still does it. my 07 JKUR was recalled when new for this issue. I think they...
  11. Evo Manufacturing Lift Kits w/ Kings Shocks

    PM sent about King mounting points
  12. North Carolina

    Mt Holly NC for me (just outside Charlotte). I own and operate Freedom 4WD.
  13. Anyone towed with 37s and 4.10s?

    I own a shop and tow weekly. No complaints. 37s and 4.10s I have towed Jeeps and trailer combined weight of 6028 lbs weighed on a scale. Trailer brake controller added
  14. Excessive wandering 3.73 vs 4.10 gears?

    Not trying to be a d!ck but why in the world do you think gear ratio has ANYTHING to do with this? You do understand how gears work right?
  15. North Carolina SOLD Rubicon Suspension

    Can provide pics if needed. Installed MOPAR 2" lift at 4k miles so everything that's replaced is now for sale. asking $450 plus shipping. Located just outside of Charlotte, NC in the Mt Holly area. 28120
  16. Soft Tops now available from Mopar (part numbers)

    Yes but it fits in the bed easily. That’s how dual top Jeeps are shipped from the factory
  17. Soft Tops now available from Mopar (part numbers)

    Just ordered the Premium - will have it Monday. Thanks for this post!
  18. Anyone in the Charlotte area with the 2" mopar lift + 37's?

    Fellow Charlotte Gladiator owner here I own a local shop, Freedom 4WD in Mt Holly. Let me know if I can help with anything. Currently I’m running 35” BFGs while I get a feel for towing since I use my JT a lot for work use
  19. Lug nut torque

    Thanks. I saw 130 for the JLs so that’s what I used on my JT but wanted to check
  20. Lug nut torque

    What is the factory recommended torque spec for the lug nuts?