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  1. Flush Mount Tail Lights

    Take my money:rock:
  2. You’re my boy Blue (Diesel JT Build)

    Motobilt bumpers and sliders arrived today :rock:
  3. You’re my boy Blue (Diesel JT Build)

    Not sure about the banks gauges but I use it with my Tazer. It goes inline with the electronic throttle harness and alters that signal, so I don't see why it would interfere.
  4. You’re my boy Blue (Diesel JT Build)

    I haven't tried a pedal commander, but they appear to perform the same function. For the $120 shipped it was something worth trying. They are not diesel specific, my buddy that suggested it had it on his 3.6l JK(His would not work on mine, but the JL/JT specific model works across the lineup)
  5. You’re my boy Blue (Diesel JT Build)

    A buddy of mine insisted I try a Hike-It throttle “booster.” They had a sale and I figured why not as I’m getting bored waiting on axles and related parts. I didn’t expect much as I know it doesn’t really give me any more power, but wow what a difference it makes in daily driving feel. I had...
  6. Eco Diesel regear/ peddle commander?

    I installed a Hike-It throttle booster today and can say it made a dramatic improvement in performance “feel.” I know pushing the throttle more would essentially give you the same results as not having it but wow what a difference in normal daily driving “feel.” I always felt like there was a...
  7. You’re my boy Blue (Diesel JT Build)

    I think there are too many variables like axle width/position, wheel offset, lift height etc. to have a solid answer to that question. We ordered 72.5" wide axles and will be sticking with a fairly agressive offset(-38) with the 43x15's. Once all the components arrive I'm happy to take some...
  8. You’re my boy Blue (Diesel JT Build)

    the Rival bumpers are really nice quality and lightweight. The winch plate/bumper support is steel so it’s strong where it matters. I had one on my previous JT before we went full Road armor and we still run It on our 2dr.
  9. You’re my boy Blue (Diesel JT Build)

    Trying on some different shoes while we impatiently wait for our axles to arrive.
  10. You’re my boy Blue (Diesel JT Build)

    I have a Rebel DSS front with 14” travel coilovers sitting at the shop that I will likely use up front. I also have a set of 16” coilovers sitting here that I may attempt to get creative with on the rear. I haven’t decided on arms/etc. I’ve been meaning to find the time to see what would be...
  11. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Wife got me an early Xmas present. Gravity pro6 light bar and A pillar lights.
  12. what wheels are these?

    Looks like Teraflex Nomad
  13. You’re my boy Blue (Diesel JT Build)

    Thanks! I would say it’s fairly close. These wheels are close to 50lbs and the tires are 80lbs. My mileage has tapered off with the holidays and more short trips/traffic. I’m now sitting at 24.8mpg which I’m still really happy with. My wife got me an early Xmas gift! KC Gravity Pro 6 light...
  14. Exhaust Modification Done

    You’r posting in the diesel sub forum :beer:
  15. Exhaust Modification Done

    What reason do I have to lie about my MPG’s? I didn’t purchase a Jeep or the Diesel for fuel savings. I absolutely love the torque and always wanted a Diesel wrangler since my first JK in 2012. It’s an absolute bonus that my gas mileage is what it is. I fully expect that to drop down to around...
  16. Exhaust Modification Done

    Stock gears until my axles arrive in late January. I think driving style is a big part of it. Even when I had my supercharged 3.6l on 41s and heavy fusion axles I was averaging 14-15mpg when my business partner with his 2.0t on a near identical axle/tire setup(JL) was getting around 9-10mpg...
  17. Exhaust Modification Done

    Here’s mine, I like how you kept the rear hanger. I opted not to because I wanted to dump mine a little further forward and there really wasn’t any weight on my setup after that last hanger.
  18. Exhaust Modification Done

    I’m starting to think it was just perfect weather that day driving home. I am still averaging 25mpg or so with 37x13.50 KM3’s at 27psi, but the day I removed those mufflers I pulled off over 28mpg on the same commute home I always take(75% highway, 25% city.) I also have under 600 miles so some...
  19. You’re my boy Blue (Diesel JT Build)

    KMC wheels arrived :rock: Now I need to decide on a color combo before the Dynatrac axles show up.