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  1. Mojave diesel?

    The Mojave hood is also purely aesthetic
  2. Mojave diesel?

    The Rubicon hood is purely aesthetic
  3. Mojave diesel?

    I think it was, and it’s code name was Hurricane.
  4. Mojave diesel?

    Yup. You got me. You got me good. Well played. Go back under your bridge, troll.
  5. Mojave diesel?

    This is no longer a discussion. Nor is it sarcasm. You’re just an asshat. GFY.
  6. Mojave diesel?

    Know what? The purpose of forums like this one is to talk about Jeeps. How ‘bout we keep it civil? Neither of us are designers for FCA, but it sounds like we both have chops in design, and in particular, suspension. If you don’t like my take on these things, agree to disagree, and stop acting...
  7. Mojave diesel?

    I’ll get right on that.
  8. Mojave diesel?

    The diesel’s 300 pound delta over the 3.6 amounts to a 6% increase in over all weight of the truck. Pretty sure that both FCA and Fox could plug that into their formula and spit out new spring rates and damper specs in mere moments.
  9. Mojave diesel?

    Don’t harsh my stoke, bro.
  10. Mojave diesel?

    All good, though we definitely disagree. Cheers Jeeper!
  11. Mojave diesel?

    Doubt it. They already did the tweaks for the heavier engine on all the other models, plus the Mopar 2” lift. Spring rates are easy AF to calculate the delta, and Fox can dial in damping in a heartbeat. But mostly I’m selfishly hopeful...
  12. Mojave diesel?

    @JAY Have you heard any rumors about the diesel going into the Mojave?
  13. Mojave diesel?

    Sweet! Any idea the reviewer?
  14. Mojave diesel?

    Has anyone heard any intel on if or when we might see a diesel Mojave? This is absolutely my dream Jeep
  15. 2021 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updated Monthly]

    Don’t recall reading stronger wheels, but they have more outboard off set to gain clearance for the big Fox shocks on the Mojave.
  16. 2021 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updated Monthly]

    Ed Zachary. My dream truck is a Mojave diesel. I’d probably do an AEV spacer lift is all, so I could add 35s/37s while keeping the stock desert rated suspension. The other mods I’ll do are not model specific. Overland stuff like a custom bed rack for gear inside and a RTT, AEV front bumper &...
  17. 2021 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updated Monthly]

    I personally LOVE the orange accents.
  18. 2021 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updated Monthly]

    So, what exactly are the DJE and DRE axles? Also, the wide track axles come on the Mojave too.