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  1. Gladiator Rubicon vs Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Off-Road Comparison: My Take

    Really considered the MORE offroad skids. You can buy them separately if you don't want the entire setup. Steel or aluminum and it actually covers less, so the weight stays down even with the steel. Really affordable. Love mine!! I would do the gas tank. Man that thing takes a beating!!
  2. Insert_Clever_Name_Here EVO 4.5/38's (for now) Stage 3 completed

    Looks great! Sweet build! American adventure labs fender chop on your list? Gives a ton of extra clearance and looks great. So much less than full on fenders.
  3. Gladiator Rubicon vs Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Off-Road Comparison: My Take

    Hey, cool comparison! I had a ZR2 for 80,000 and had it pretty decked out. Plus aggressive 33s, and extra lift. I loved it and it was a super capable truck, but (as you know) the huge difference between them is the JT can easily be turned into a beast without much effort. The ZR2 not so much...
  4. 4WP vs Local Shops?

    This^ So many better options for a lift. 4WP in my experience has not been anywhere close to as good as the local shops I've had work done with.
  5. Dan Ballard Photo JT Build

    Lol, yep, exactly!! Shop and all the big tools (welder, etc) are without a doubt the hardest part!
  6. Dan Ballard Photo JT Build

    Haha, yeah, installing new stuff has been a pain for sure!! Worth it though!!
  7. Dan Ballard Photo JT Build

    Got the front Antirocks on yesterday and had a chance to flex them out just a little. So far it doesn't seem like I've lost any articulation at all (this image isn't all the way there) and it seems to ride great!! The rear antirocks will go on Monday just in time for the Winter 4x4 Jamboree!:)...
  8. Dan Ballard Photo JT Build

    Wow! Awesome, well that's good to know. Now I'm super curious what mine are even set at... That's what you get when you just have stuff installed. Hardest part about RV life is no garage. Thanks for sharing that!
  9. Dan Ballard Photo JT Build

    Hmmm, maybe there is another main adjustment I'm not familiar with (certainly possible) that is an overall soft/performance setting? I use the three fast adjust settings. 1 soft, 3 firm and 2 that allows you fine adjustment from soft to firm. Apparently you can actually make it softer than 1...
  10. Dan Ballard Photo JT Build

    Yhank Thanks!! Full disclosure, Clayton is a sponsor of mine, but I absolutelyove it!! Along with the Falcons (not a sponsor) it's just a killer setup!! The arms are super stout and it rides great. I love being able to quickly adjust the shocks and I change from 3 on the hwy to 2.5ish or...
  11. GladiatorCruzen’s Build Thread

    Looks great! That transformation always shocks me. From ugly, long truck thing to one of the best looking trucks out there. Love that color as well.
  12. Help me decide to go 35s or not on Mojave!

    Oh man, don't even hesitate with 35's... as others have said, if anything you will regret not going 37s...
  13. Front bumpers and Stock Rubicon Skid Plate

    The MORE Offroad swaybar skid works great with the Fabfour stubby.
  14. Dan Ballard Photo JT Build

    I'm far from an expert on this, and can only pass on a little info I found from researching... and you probably know all this already, but for anyone else reading that might not... It sounds like you can send your steering box in to them and they can port it for the hydraulics for the ram. You...
  15. Dan Ballard Photo JT Build

    Thanks! Appreciate it!
  16. Dan Ballard Photo JT Build

    Well the PSC big bore cylinder assist steering kit for the Gladiator is an absolute game changer! One of the best mods you can do imo! I was sort of getting by turning the 37's before, but with the 39's and way. At 7psi on Moab rock even in 4wd without lockers, I literally...
  17. JTR Spartacus Build Journal

    Cool build! Looking good!