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  1. Max Payloads?

    Thanks. Curious.... I’ve always towed with an SUV.... is it normal to get pulled and pushed around when passing a tractor trailer when towing with a pick up? I initially was thinking maybe because the back is so light?
  2. Max Payloads?

    I’ve never done that. What should me tongue weight be? 10% of total gross?
  3. Max Payloads?

    Yes. Max Tow will give you more flexibility. I never had a truck close to being maxed, which has forced me to do more research then I had hoped! Basically the JT Overland can pull 6K.... but to do that you need to consider other factors. The Max Weight I should be driving in my Overland safely...
  4. Max Payloads?

    What hitch do you have? If you could send me your set up I’d appreciate it. I’m going to try to tighten the weight distribution and go up one chain link to see if that helps. I usually travel with my wife and two kids. One is a teenager. I figure we are roughly 500 lbs together. Figure...
  5. Max Payloads?

    Wandering all over! Steering is drifty on the JT to begin with, but semi-trucks passing me were pushing me all over and generally wandering when over 60 mph
  6. Max Payloads?

    What are the max payloads of the different models? I looked online, and it conflicts with what’s on the door jam of my Overland w/Tow package. Online I have see Max Payload of the Overland being 1,120. The door jam says 1,045...
  7. Long Road Trips- Overland or Rubicon

    The only thing that changes the ride is the tires.... so if you end up upgrading Overland Tires to what the Rubicon has, then it will ride the same. I went with the Overland because I liked the leather stitched dash, and I’m not planning on off-roading so didn’t need to pay for the extra...
  8. Soft Top?

    Hi All, Any word on when we will be able to purchase soft tops? Also, I see a lot of people saying they are going to wait for aftermarket tops that fold differently, have those been confirmed?
  9. What would you do?

    So I bought my JT mid in May, and there was some minor damage in transport to the back wheel well. The dealership fixed it, and did a so so painting it, and I’m almost positive they didn’t use replace the clear wheel well protective with one from the factory. The original one on my passenger...
  10. Soft Top??

    Any word when we can get a soft top for purchased gladiators??
  11. Things I don’t like about my new Gladiator

    I’ve starred getting used to it, but honestly o do think it’s a safer issue.... especially towing on the highway. I towed a 3.5k camper this weekend, and it was swaying only because the steering back and forth...
  12. Things I don’t like about my new Gladiator

    I’m glad to hear other people feel the “flighty” steering at 55+. I’ve been taking with Jeep dealers, and I’m starting to feel like I’m crazy.... they keep telling me it’s fine.
  13. Bed Cover Leak?

    Thanks. How do you adjust it? Not much to adjust....
  14. Bed Cover Leak?

    Hi Guys, I got and installed the 3 panel soft bed cover from Mopar. It poured today, and I got some water in the bed by the tailgate that soaked a bag. I’ve never had a truck.... should that be water tight? If it should, what do I need to do to adjust the cover?
  15. LineX Durability.

    Professionally done at a LineX Store
  16. LineX Durability.

    Hi Everyone, I hand LineX sprayed in a few weeks ago, and have been happy with it until today. I put a dresser in the bed that I was taking to a dump, and apparently there was a few sharp staple hanging out. As I push the dresser in the staples left scratches... not deep, but still noticeably...
  17. Aftermarket Trailer Brakes?

    Anyone buy and install their own aftermarket brakes yet? Suggestions??
  18. Steering issue?

    Thanks for the reply. The loose steering in the video isn’t the real problem I think I’m having... i find the keep wandering on the highway, and at times I feel like I’m driving a bass boat or like its steering from the back. Hard to explain.
  19. Any issues to report?

    I think I’m having some of the steering issue that’s happening the the JLs. Two dealers have said it’s fine, but I find the thing wandering all over the highway over 50 mph
  20. Loose Steering?

    I’ve had Wranglers for 10 + year.... this is nothing to do with the axel. I’ve taken the JT to two dealers and both said the JL has this issue, and they said unfortunately I’ll just have to get used to it.