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  1. Let's Get the Wheels a Turning

    Are you still around? I'm in Augusta too. Any meet ups around here?
  2. Georgia

    I thought this was the Georgia thread but it sounds like it's the Atlanta thread. I'm in Augusta. Is anyone from anywhere except around Atlanta? :)
  3. Hellcrate Redeye Hemi

    That's a $60-70K conversion with transmission, axles, suspension, tires, intake, exhaust, and tune. I'm sure I'm leaving something out.
  4. My 5.7L Hemi Gladiator Conversion

    How can I downvote your installers? The natives are getting restless.
  5. JT: Teraflex 1.5” Performance Spacer Leveling Kit

    The kit has an option to have shocks instead of extenders. And I didn't see any shocks in his picture.
  6. JT: Teraflex 1.5” Performance Spacer Leveling Kit

    Did you go with the shock extenders or new shocks?
  7. Spacer Lift question

    Bump, in case anyone is interested in answering.
  8. Custom plates

    In GA, I chose SNZZBRY. Guess my color?
  9. Custom plates

    In GA, it's $90 the first year and $55 each year after.
  10. Huntsville, AL.. soon to arrive

    I am probably here until I retire. 10 more years.
  11. Well its almost time... for Mojave

    My cousin... Vinny, how you doing?
  12. Spacer Lift question

    I'm looking at getting the Iron Rock Off Road 2" Spacer Lift Kit for my 2021 JTO, and I was wondering if it would require an adjustable front track bar? I watched a couple of YT videos and in neither did they need one, but other spacer installs (different vendors) show adding one. The kit is...
  13. What features would you like to see on future Gladiators?

    How about a 5.4L Hemi option? Also, the ability to make non-Rubicons more trail ready from the factory. Lockers and disconnecting sway bars for other trims.
  14. 4.10 Gears in an Overland

    Mine says conventional differential rear axle.
  15. Texas Anybody want some free JT Rubicon 4.10 gears?

    Why not? Is the gear box smaller?
  16. 4.10 Gears in an Overland

    I read in another thread that someone said the 4.10 gears from a Rubicon would NOT fit in a stock Overland that comes with the 3.73 gears. Is this correct? If so, does that mean if I go up in tire size and want to regear, I'll have to get all new gear box, or axles, what?
  17. Florida 2" Daystar lift for sale

    I went through this whole thread only to see it sold at the end. Can you modify your title to day sold? Maybe put a line through the title? Thanks.
  18. Virginia For Sale: 2” Lift

    Did this ever sell?
  19. My 5.7L Hemi Gladiator Conversion

    The beast breathes. It sounded so good from that lower back position from the tailpipe. Can't wait until you bring her down South.
  20. Mall Crawler, Rock Crawler, or just crawling?

    This isn't going to be a poll or anything, but all you other first-time Jeep owners, of which I am, isn't anyone else unable to fulfill your dreams of modding your rig because the money ain't there? Bless you guys that can do it, but after buying mine, and buying a few minor things, I'm dying...