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  1. What features would you like to see on future Gladiators?

    I bought the Rubicon and just about everything they offer so I'll just have to go with what Jack Webb said...... A good looking blond that owns a liquor store......
  2. Well its almost time... for Mojave

    I do think I saw something on this in the movie My Cousin Vinny
  3. Hood lock for 2020 Rubicon JT

    Which locking hasps did you purchase?
  4. Hood lock for 2020 Rubicon JT

    I am wanting to keep the thieves even further away and looking for what works for locking my 2020 Gladiator Rubicon hood. Whether it be locking latches or a centralized hood lock... what ever is good looking, functional, and available. Thanks for your imput
  5. Any max tow owners regret not getting a rubicon?

    You get what you pay for in any purchase of a motor vehicle. Younger guys want to modify and add on more than us older more staid persons. My neighbor has a Wrangler and it groans every time he adds another whatever onto the top of it. His is the Moroccan Bazaar model. To each there very own. I...
  6. Max Tow Package Unofficial Model Name

    I say, we should name it after a true American. One who with his strength and character, always got the job done. We should call it... The Duke
  7. Large Dog on Passenger Front Floorboard?

    We gotta get these two together.
  8. Large Dog on Passenger Front Floorboard?

    Is that a Giant? and if so, is she a Skansen GS. this is Atticus, our fourth GS.
  9. Large Dog on Passenger Front Floorboard?

    Mine won't even fit in the rear seat. Atticus is the reason I bought the Gladiator....
  10. Jeep (JL) Theft Caught on Security Cam

    Read my posts regarding this......
  11. Jeep (JL) Theft Caught on Security Cam

    I agree; however, in California, the courts and now especially the DA's do not adhere to common sense. I recall a resident who came home and was confronted in his garage by a thief who was carrying out his big screen. The homeowner shot the burglar while he still held the TV in front of him and...
  12. Jeep (JL) Theft Caught on Security Cam

    Law Enforcement must weigh in such investigations what the response displayed by the thief was when caught by the victim when he / she was attempting to stop the theft and or recover their property. In such cases, I always asked the victim not IF they were in fear of their safety and or life...
  13. Jeep (JL) Theft Caught on Security Cam

    If they got it, that Jeeps in Mexico muleing dope and avocados.... Just like my Toyota SR5 4X4...
  14. Why is there a light in my cupholder?

    So you can see where you spilled the coffee... dummy. I saw an oem light in a brand new Chevrolet truck that lit only the floor board. When the owner asked what it was for, I told him it's so you can see who stepped in the dog shit.....
  15. Gladiator demographics POLL! Why did you buy a Gladiator?

    For those who use the bed for thier big dog, I put a Black Armour (heavy recycled tire) pad under the Bed Rug over pad for added comfort. Atticus loves it.
  16. Gladiator demographics POLL! Why did you buy a Gladiator?

    At this stage of my life I wanted to fulfill my dream of owning a Jeep and with the big dog, I wanted to have a camper shell to cover the bed to give him the ride he deserves. So the Gladiator Rubicon was the perfect fit. I am on the build now (awaiting missing JRCOffroad upper brackets for the...
  17. Gladiator demographics POLL! Why did you buy a Gladiator?

    Me the same, except here I am in my early 70's
  18. Put my JT to bed last night

    I do the same thing..... But read it a story and get it a drink of water first....... It's a bitch getting it into the Onesie Jammies though......
  19. Entire Gladiator Line-X Sprayed

    When I was shopping for a Jeep, I didn't shop mileage. I bought the Gladiator knowing just what the MPG was.
  20. Euro Spec Diesel Gladiator Gets Mojave Hood

    Mine won't when that AEV arrives.....