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  1. Gladiator driver's seat

    Their instructions were most likely written for the Wrangler which uses a male torx bit. They switched to a different bolt on the Gladiator.
  2. RSI Smartcap

    What is the difference between the two? Looking at their website I really cannot tell a difference. Maybe RSI can respond and explain the difference?
  3. 67 Designs or Bulletproof Mounting Solutions?

    Interesting thread. I've been considering both of these and Vector Offroad's full dash setup (they use 67 Design's components). I kind of like the full range flexibility Vector Offroad provides.
  4. Bumper dilemma

    Here's the link. Still have it, my daughter drives it.
  5. Bumper dilemma

    Quadratec Aluminum Brute Strength Bumper went on my Wrangler. May consider same for my Gladiator.
  6. RSI Smartcap

    Unfortunately any adjustment they made to packaging at the source would not have been done in time for that shipment. You have to figure that it takes about a month by ship to get from SA to the port in the US (New England states?). So that would mean that probably the current en-route...
  7. exterior temp reading inaccurate

    I just went outside and started up my Gladiator. Temp read accurate - 38 degrees. Last time I used it the temp was around 50. Now, I did just remove the battery terminal in order to reset the check engine light - it's reading a vapor sensor fault and my gas cap is tight - so that may have had...
  8. RSI Smartcap

    Does that one piece standing up go all the way to the floor? I can see from the picture how some stuff could be damaged - the piece sticking above the rest I think would be susceptible to being damaged. Nothing to protect it from anything hitting from either side.
  9. exterior temp reading inaccurate

    Correct - but the heated wheel and seats only come on in this setting when the temp is 40 or below. Too bad there is not a way to adjust that temp.
  10. exterior temp reading inaccurate

    I have the same issue in my Gladiator - remote start when temps below 40 and no heated seats or defrost. I also have a 2019 Wrangler JLU - it does NOT have this issue - it can be warm the prior day when I drive it, and below 40 the next morning and the heat comes on. The JL and JT are supposed...
  11. AEV Front Bumper Released For JT Gladiator!

    That's beyond what I can afford. Disappointed because I liked what I saw from what people showed on YouTube and was waiting for it (ended up with a Quadratec bumper for my Wrangler), was thinking of getting it for my Gladiator. Not now.
  12. ARE Gladiator Shell Pre Order

    Darn. Was hoping maybe you bought it somewhere. Anyone watching the thread know if anyone makes a platform like this?
  13. ARE Gladiator Shell Pre Order

    Wondering where you got the 2/3 deck from. And is it easily moved back and forth on the rails? Thanks.
  14. ZroadZ Rack

    I am torn first between a rack system and a topper - and if a rack Zroadz or Rebel Offroad's XPLOR Rack. Both would be good, I do like the swing up side panels to have access to the bed on the side.
  15. p018b code showing up again.

    Hmm - having similar issues. The check engine lite came on, read as fuel vapor error. Cap was on tight, had gone through half a tank before the light came on. And was a bit less smooth on accelleration. After another fill, it finally turned off a couple days later. A couple weeks later I...
  16. RSI Smartcap

    I see it listed at Northridge 4x4 and it states that it ships from the manufacturer. And there is a wait of 30 days.
  17. RSI Smartcap

    Yes, I should have put that disclaimer next to it - which I have now done so. :)
  18. What's going on with Mopar trail rail kit?

    Yep - DIY projects. :) I stripped the head on two of the bolts on my rails when I installed them because I use torx bits instead of an allen wrench (I guess I am going blind. ;) )
  19. RSI Smartcap

    Hey folks - went to the RSI website - they have a chance for you to get one free - a holiday promotion. (link adds entries for me, but you can enter and get a link of your own that you can post and send out and get people to add entries for you) With the...
  20. Ultimate 1st World Problem with Autostart

    You can turn off the beep in the settings.