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  1. Tow 21' bowrider with Overland? Or stick with Max Tow?

    I town an 18' bowrider, roughly 3000 lbs, with my Overland. No issues.
  2. No bed power? No problem! $9.99 do it yourself.

    1 1/4" hole. Thanks for posting. This worked great!
  3. Do you think this will work? BED POWER!

    Looks great! Did you have to cut the body to make this fit? Seems like the panel is larger than the knockout.
  4. Bestop Sunrider adjustment?

    Thanks for posting this. I knew my install didn't look quite right. I found a good video. Right at the 5 minute mark she shows that you need to tuck the back of the Sunrider behind the door frame. Quick fix by taking out 3 screws on each side if you missed it the first time.
  5. Need some advice on towing a camper

    Go smaller if you can, unless there is something you really like about this particular trailer. That said, for 50 miles unless you are on really tight roads you should be fine. Take your time, make wide turns. Also, for anything over 3000 lbs you will need to install a brake controller.
  6. Aftermarket Trailer Brakes?

    Went with 2 self tapping screws. It's a little tight, but it works. You need to mount it high on the cross member, otherwise the cables won't fit.
  7. Aftermarket Trailer Brakes?

    What's the trick to getting the 12v out?
  8. 12v socket/lighter

    Any advice on getting the 12v socket out is appreciated. Where are the tabs?
  9. Philly Area Gladiator Owners

    I live in Lansdale. Picked up my Black Overland on 8/1 from Bergey's in Souderton. Bought off the lot, a few points off of MSRP (as advertised), and they treated me fair on the trade-in. No nonsense and a pleasure to deal with. Ask for Julie.