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  1. Recall on the backup camera

    What I noticed right away was, the rear camera now points straight relative to your vehicle angle. Prior to the update, the backup camera angle was offset even when vehicle was parked perfectly straight. This made using the reverse camera, when backing into a space, a challenge to park...
  2. Bluetooth Speaker Ready?

    To date I have never had to do a reset, thankfully. It is definitely strange you and others are experiencing lockups. I'm wondering if it's software related or maybe the dealer can swap out your speaker???
  3. Bluetooth Speaker Ready?

    Can you remove the speaker while your system is playing and listen for a change in sound then put speaker back into docking station and see if the sound changes again?
  4. Bluetooth Speaker Ready?

    Its not a feeling. You can actually hear the artists voices coming through the speaker. Flipped my seat down and clearly hear the music. Put your ear directly onto the speaker and you hear it. There is no question sound is coming from the speaker when in its docking station.
  5. Bluetooth Speaker Ready?

    If you have the bluetooth speaker, when in it's placed into the docking station (charging), it will become part of your active stereo system. You can question the quality of sound due to placement but, the speaker itself is very much active and outputing sound. Have you actually listened to...
  6. For something completely different -- How is the BT phone call quality?

    I thought you could adjust the ringer volume either by using the phone volume buttons or the radio volume button or a combination of both. I forgot exactly how the volume controls are setup on iPhone as I prefer android, but ft the iPhone has separate ringer volume controls adjust that while...
  7. For something completely different -- How is the BT phone call quality?

    My experience has been that the quality of the calls are very good. The noise cancellation does a decent job blocking out background noise like wind when your are doing 70mph on the highway. it isn't perfect but it isn't highly intrusive to the person(s) on the other end, either . I'm very...
  8. Remote Start with UConnect App Only?

    Your device should chirp once your vehicle registers the command that was sent. When I hit start, in the app, approx 30 seconds later my phone makes a noise and Uconnect tells me (notification) that my vehicle is now started. If the command fails I see a command failed alert/notification...
  9. SiriusXM Guardian, is it Worth Renewing?!

    I happen to use the service regularly. Besides locking/unlocking, starting up the vehicle is probably the feature I use most. This past winter ❄ I'd say 99% of my vehicle starts were via my phone. Personally, it is a convenient option to have so I renewed the service.
  10. Getting add-ons to a sport vs going for a Mojave (post pics of your Mojave too?)

    The Mojave is nice and one thing I'd say due to the 'newness' of that model there probably won't be any real incentives like you will find on a sport/sport S. I don't know if the Mojave has shipped to owners just yet. I'm new to Jeeps in general, but as a rule of thumb, for me, if there are...
  11. Cargo Management vs Safety Group

    I like ACC as well but I do find the braking to be too aggressive when bringing you to a stop. That is something I have not gotten used to. Often times I override the auto braking. I do not use it in bumper to bumper as it disables automatically when stopped too long which I think is about 3...
  12. Found some neat engineering on our Jeep Gladiator Trucks!

    Well done and I really enjoyed. Look forward to more of what you may have in store for content.
  13. If only I knew then what I think I know now

    No worries. Thanks for the clarification
  14. If only I knew then what I think I know now

    You are incorrect. Max Tow is a package that can be equipped on a Sport or Sport S. Although everyone likes to refer to max tow as a trim line and not an option. Anyway, the Rubicon trim has everything in a max tow package on a Sport or Sport S, however the difference being its all standard...
  15. Gladiator rolling outdoor chiminea fireplace

    now that is pretty cool. Its funny they built it with the spare tire on the tailgate like a wrangler.
  16. Paint Quality

    This is why the first thing I did upon taking delivery of my JT was bring it to a shop for ceramic coating. I'm not saying it stops chips but maybe helps. As part of the process they did add clear vinyl on some of the more prone to chipping parts such as the nose area of the vehicle.
  17. Jeep Wave No More! [Clarification: Only Discounts on Jeep Merchandise Cancelled]

    I suspect yes. I did receive my email regarding this yesterday as well. The savings network component has zero impact on me.
  18. Q1 2020 Jeep Gladiator Sales Figure: 15,259 units

    There is fine print listed for that dealer. First and foremost it states you "MUST" finance through them and "MUST" have a trade worth at least $1K, in order to even qualify for what they are calling "all discounts" (subject to expiration). There is even smaller print explaining the pricing is...
  19. Gas mileage

    Do you think they would have different tuning? What would be a reason to do so?