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  1. Fluids be expensive

    I just plan on doing it every 20k or complete submersion, whatever comes first.
  2. Best bed cover for the money?

    I'm not sure if your question is "tell me the best money can buy" or "cheapest but best bang for the buck". If it's the latter, I got the Tyger roll up for the Colorado 5ft box... 186 bux, and fits perfectly.
  3. Fluids be expensive

    So I know factory spec is 75/85, anyone really think an extra 5wt of more common 75/90 synthetic would be bad? I almost think Mopar spec'd that because it's less common and you might come to them for it.
  4. Fluids be expensive

    Dealer wants $50 a quart for Gear Oil? GTFO...that's nuts. Amsoil isn't even that much.
  5. About to make a deal and last minute the dealer tells me the vehicle has over 4000 miles...

    Woah, I didn't know that. I always assumed when the odo clicked 36k exactly, the warranty was done, no matter who put the miles on it. That would make me feel a little better about this.
  6. About to make a deal and last minute the dealer tells me the vehicle has over 4000 miles...

    All things aside, that's 4k miles of the factory bumper to bumper warranty gone, and 4k miles of tire gone. You negotiated assuming this thing had no (or very little miles). Tell them they need to cut a better deal to compensate for these things, maybe throw in some kind of extended warranty too.
  7. Cold Start Squeak

    Ahh PPP, what a nightmare, we threw everything we had at processing those applications. I'm normally in International Trade and my whole staff got pulled to QC a ton of applications.
  8. Cold Start Squeak

    Mine too. It's something engaging, I assumed maybe it was the A/C compressor engaging on remote start. It will generally either kick on either defrost or a/c depending on the outside temperature. To be fair I've only started the vehicle from inside the cab once, and I don't remember if I heard...
  9. What Would Be A Good OTD Price on this Jeep
  10. What Would Be A Good OTD Price on this Jeep

    Good thing the dealer let you keep it. It's standard/included on the North edition, I got one too. They expect you to be a nice guy and pull people out of the snow. ;-).
  11. Flush Mount Tail Lights

    I don't know, to me they stand out as uniquely...Jeep. Smooth and blended just doesn't seem right on this truck.
  12. Stock Overland Off-Roading

    I have a North. Yes the LSD is standard in the rear, but no, the suspension is not leveled, same rake as any other Overland. The A/T tires look better/bigger on the Overland rims, and it did come with a nice trail-recovery kit. Also came with the hard top headliner and the all season mats as...
  13. Bluetooth Speaker Ready?

    Drop this in your bin standing upright, you'll still have space left over. Run the usb cable back to it if you must...
  14. NEW! SS3 LED Pods for Jeep Gladiators! | Diode Dynamics

    Can you tell me about this bumper mount? Did you make that or buy from somewhere? Looks like a really clean option for us plastic bumper folks.
  15. I didnt know this was a thing (ok not a mod, apparently we all already have it)

    Agreed, wish when you locked that the seat wouldn't flip forward OR up. If it did that they'd sell a lot less of the locking bins I suppose.
  16. Sport S With Max Tow Wheel Upgrade

    Oh no no no. The rims will fit your truck. The tires need to be 18". Your stock 17" tires will not fit on 18" rims.
  17. Overall who's pretty pleased with the power output of their Gladiator

    Would I like a Hemi? Sure! But overall I'm satisfied with it. The 8 speed and the taller gears then the JK generation really seem to have helped.
  18. Good deal or Pass?

    All Season is a passenger tire style, where as A/T is more rugged/blocky/aggressive looking. The All Season may be a bit better in the rain, and be a little quieter, but the Dueler A/T isn't terribly loud, and is probably a bit better in snow/mud/light terrain.
  19. Good deal or Pass?

    There's more room in that deal. Offer 49, let them come back at 50.5 Also, my North came with All Terrains instead of All Seasons, which I thought was standard on the North Package. Personal preference, I thought the All Terrains at least looked better on the truck.
  20. Found some neat engineering on our Jeep Gladiator Trucks!

    I haven't tried it on the JT yet. On my wife's Cherokee it prevented remote starts.