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  1. 8.4 inch upgrade

    i did the swap also... it took a few stop and starts for everything to start working... i had a take out from another jt... but should work the same way.. seems to take a little while for the new radio to get all the info from your gladiator .
  2. Got a quote for the front camera retrofit.

    here is a aftermarket kit that seems to work well if you have a 8.4 u connect 179 bucks
  3. Did you know Aux wires are inside also ? Not just by the battery.

    yes that is such a great option to have... saves a lot of hassle... very well thought out... took me awhile to realize they were there... i was excited to find those.
  4. 7inch U connect with bezel

    hey... I have a new 7" u connect out of my new gladiator with Sirius/xm , i jumped up to the 8.4 " so this one is for sale with bezel and unlock code... everything works 100% , $500 shipped . thanks ! r s
  5. SOLD! For Sale Mopar 8.4 " Uconnect Radio and Bezel

    Hi i sent you a message .. thanks !
  6. Found some neat engineering on our Jeep Gladiator Trucks!

    very cool video.. thanks good stuff !
  7. Pedal commander tazer or both

    yes you can turn that off with the tazer... i have a pedal commander ( which i love ) and tazer also great .. both work awesome together... no issues.
  8. Factory led turn and drl light swap

    yes that is a very good price... i did the swap... they work great but you need a tazer or some kind of programmer to change the light option to led , then they will not flicker or give you problems... but no need to take it to the dealer. just invest a tazer or something similar .
  9. Pedal Commander Initial Review

    nice review,,, i also have one and i love it
  10. 8.4 u connect from a jeep jl installed in gladiator back up cam ?

    ya know that was my first thought... but i thought the JLs had a digital back up camera also .. but like you said maybe they didnt start till 2020.... i bet that is the issue .. thanks for the idea... i think you might be right .. i would think you might be able to flash the radio for the...
  11. 8.4 u connect from a jeep jl installed in gladiator back up cam ?

    yes they both did... i even tired turning on and off the camera with the tazer... no luck.... im thinking adding the radio to my vin / build might make it work ? must be something in the gladiator that needs to communicate with the backup cam on the 8.4
  12. 8.4 u connect from a jeep jl installed in gladiator back up cam ?

    so i found a jeep jl 8.4 u connect take out and installed it in the gladiator ... everything works great except the back up camera...i just get a blue screen... says camera not available .. the backup cam works perfect with the 7 inch... even put it back in to test works fine... just...
  13. 8.4 u connect with nav part # ?

    thanks yeah i saw those... im sure that would work.. i was trying to pickup a new gladiator 8.4 u connect but from what i have been told now they are on national back order. with no ETA .. i think the JL u connect 8.4 are available , i would think they would work the same.
  14. 8.4 u connect with nav part # ?

    hi i wanted to pickup a 8.4 u connect with NAV i was just trying to figure out the part # does anyone know ? i think this might be it .. just wanted to confirm.... part # 68417864AH says it fit jeep jt... just wasnt sure if it had nav. thanks ...
  15. Advice on Swapping the Uconnect 5" for the Uconnect 7"

    a lot of good info here... pretty easy swap
  16. 7" to 8.4" radio upgrade?

    just wondering if anyone had bought a new uconnect and put it in... i bought a used one from a JL and everything worked except the backup camera... but that just might have been something with that unit.. i was thinking of getting a new u connect 68295725AH and seeing how it work.... seems...
  17. Power Sliding Rear Window - It's possible!

    very cool.. great idea, i think i might give it a try... thanks for the info !
  18. Gator Swamp Fox

    nice looks great !
  19. For Sale Mopar 8.4 inch U connect radio

    hey i sent you a message .. just wasn't sure if you saw it thanks
  20. Sport S 7" Screen Subwoofer Add

    one more thing do you happen to know which model kicker amp you paired up with that sub ? thanks