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  1. Your Jeep's name

    I named my JT Ole Foxy Red
  2. Texas Selling factory 17" wheels and tires

    I just put on a new lift, wheels, and tires and I'm trying to sell the factory wheels and tires w/spare. Tires have 4,280 miles on them and all of them have the TPMS sensors. I'm looking to get $750 for the set. Lug nuts are included.
  3. When upgrading from stock to aftermarket lift, should I sell OEM parts or hold on to them?

    This is the first time I've had the chance to upgrade my vehicle and just looking for some more experienced opinions. I'm upgrading to the Skyjacker 4.5 lift and was wondering if it's worth it to sell my OEM parts. Thank you for your time! I'll post before and after pictures of course!
  4. Found some neat engineering on our Jeep Gladiator Trucks!

    by unplugging the hood prop electrical, would that throw a engine light?