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  1. visionx backup lights

    My install is done. Wiring was easy. I hooked up to Aux 3 for these rear lights, and I am using Aux 4 for my front off-road lights. I used approx 25 black UV resistant zip ties and tied to the existing wire bundles on top of the frame rail on the passenger side. The lights are super...
  2. visionx backup lights

    I added Dot 2 reflector tape to the empty part of the mount as shown in this Forum by @jwilson2899 in this post I will also add pics from my install later.
  3. visionx backup lights

    I just received my Vision-X rear lights. Everything is super high quality. The wiring harnesses are excellent. Flood lights seem totally waterproof and well made. Here is a description of the flood lights. The DURA Mini Series offers outstanding light output from a small 2.75” compact...
  4. visionx backup lights

    I bought the whole kit. You can buy just the brackets for $119 on the Vision-X web site, but the Dura Mini Flood lights that come with the kit retail for $60 each, and they seem to be high quality and super bright... So, including the wiring harnesses, the price seems reasonable.
  5. Mark Allen Says Full Electric Jeeps Can Be Even More Capable Off-Roaders

    I think this COVID-19 pandemic will effect EV development by pushing more of a need to alternate technology to Lithium. I think USA will try to go away from Lithium battery technology as soon as possible ---- and thus, change the game again.
  6. Overpriced aftermarket parts...

    You think Mopar is bad, try BMW.... For BMW, there is no "retail price" that dealers have to top out at, so, they can charge over retail price that is shown on the internet .... So, when you go to the parts dept., here is the discussion. 1. I need part XXXX 2. We have that part for $XX...
  7. Running with flag

    I use a passenger side mount for the front steel bumper for my dune flag mount. If you put one on each side, and get two small to medium flags, you can look like the old presidential limos going down a parade... Here are some pics...
  8. Gladiator vs Tacoma IMO

    I have the stick shift Rubicon JT with the 33" Falken M/T. If you drive it like you stole it (rev. it out), it is impressively fast. No Tacoma, stick or auto, has been able to keep up with it. If you short shift it, like when you are breaking in the engine, then, it can seem less peppy...
  9. 7” vs 8.4” Radio

    We have been running the fire roads in the national forest and there is no cell phone reception at all. The 8.4 inch Navigation has an option to turn on all the fire roads and their names, and only needs GPS to work, so, it has been extremely useful to map out my routes in real-time. I do...
  10. visionx backup lights

    Great Post ! Love those lights. They look super bright. I just ordered a pair ! I think I will also put some Dot 2 red reflector tape on the rest of the light mount --- as shown already by a member on this forum -- in the "what did you do to your gladiator today" thread..
  11. Mark Allen Incorrectly Predicted Gladiator's Convertible Top Would Be Dumb, And Says Sub-Gladiator Pickup Won't Happen Right Away

    Honestly, I like the way it is...., and I think it looks cool --- old school --- folded back like that.... It takes about 3 seconds to fold it back. I have had no issues with it flapping around even at 85 mph.... If it always folded back into the bed, it would interfere with the bed...
  12. Tazer JL installation

    The bottom panel under the steering wheel just pops out... That will allow you to reach under there easily..
  13. Rubicon steel skid plate install help

    If you look closely at the picture I posted, you will see that the Rubicon has another big bracket that bolts to the inside of the Frame and "caps" the bottom of that frame. This cap is what the Rubicon "bumper attached steel skid plate" screws into. You do not have this bracket. It looks...
  14. Rubicon steel skid plate install help

    This the only picture that I have to help you. I have a Rubicon JT that came with the Plastic bumper. I put on the steel bumper and connecting steel skid plate, and used the existing brackets on the inside of the frame. For the old plastic bumper steel skid plate, I had to take the...
  15. Rubicon steel skid plate install help

    You need these two brackets, and 6 bolts, and 4 rivnuts for the 4 holes in the frame. They bolt on to the outside of the frame rails.
  16. Working on a Katzkin install today and need some help.

    :CWL: Unfortunately not... lol... Here is a link on "you tube" which shows you how to get those wrinkles out. How To Remove Wrinkles & Improve Fit in a Custom Leather Seat Upholstery Install
  17. Actual tire diameter - a scam?

    I noticed that tires always measure "short" when measuring with a tape measure and level...., however, when testing the speedo and GPS, it is not off... why ? I believe that as your speed increases, the tire gets a little taller from the centrifugal force and expands to it's correct specified...
  18. Off-Road Tire Pressure

    I have the stock Falken M/Ts. Of Course they do great off-road between 15 and 25 psi (ie. soft terrain, mud, sand).... I have also run them off-road at 37 psi and they do remarkably well in hard terrain. However, lately, with hard terrain (no more rain), I have been running them on-road...
  19. LMAO Jealous people

    If it is branded a Jeep, then, it is a Jeep..... but, there is a huge difference between Jeep steel frame 4WD vehicles and Jeep unibody 4WD vehicles.... For me, Jeep steel frame 4WD vehicles are the "real Jeeps" --- if I can contradict myself... lol..
  20. Why do the heating vents blow so hard?

    Maybe something is not working right, but, you can try -- setting to "recirculate", and splitting the fan output between your feet and body.