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  1. Tonneau Fabric

    I've only had mine on for three weeks (Jeep's only a month old). I had it at my cabin in an all-day downpour. The only water was a little came down the side. My Jeep was parked on a slight hill at a angle, so I figure the water came in from the side. I haven't driven in a downpour yet. I...
  2. Tonneau Fabric

    I installed a Rugged Ridge Hard rolling tonneau a couple weeks ago. It matches the premium soft top perfectly. I made a bracket in order to install it without the cargo rail. Steve
  3. No bed power? No problem! $9.99 do it yourself.

    Is the bed pre-wired by any chance? If not, how hard was it to route the wires into the cab? I'd like to use an auxiliary switch for mine. Steve
  4. What does this thing do?

    I've had my JT for a couple weeks and am still learning new things (just noticed there are two batteries under the hood). I even finished a couple mods...Rugged Ridge hard rolling tonneau cover and swapped in my old JK's winch with relay for my accessory switch (thanks to J Kramer for his...
  5. Installing L track

    Thanks for the response. I'm a little nervous about drilling holes in my 3-day old JT. Yours looks good that way. I'm definitely ordering some
  6. Installing Mopar 82215351 Grille & Winch Guard

    That's awesome! It doesn't block the view at all Thanks for the pic, Steve
  7. Installing L track

    I probably will get the L Track soon. Instead of drilling holes in the bed, I am planning to drill the L Track to match the 4 threaded holes already in there. Was there a reason you didn't go that route? I also see you have a rolling tonneau. Looks like the L Track doesn't interfere...that's...
  8. Installing Mopar 82215351 Grille & Winch Guard

    Has anyone with the front camera installed one of these? I really like the grille/winch guards, but I want the camera to function for off-roading. It seems like the view would be blocked Steve
  9. Took Delivery of Your JT? Sign in Here!

    Greeting everyone! I just traded in my 2015 tank Rubicon for this gator (more like a green olive) Rubicon. I was looking at a JL too, but after another long drive hauling scuba tanks and semi-wet dive gear, I realized I need the Gladiator. This is my 6th Jeep (and 3rd Rubicon) going back to...