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  1. Another 35s on Stock Sport Thread

    Max tow fenders just have an extra wide lip on the end of the fenders . There not same hight as Rubicon
  2. Mark Allen Says Full Electric Jeeps Can Be Even More Capable Off-Roaders

    I could see everyone adapting huge solar panels to roof top tents charging there batteries
  3. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    You can. Dig around here on the forums and find threads like this to get a good general idea about what's good. there's not really much difference towing wize between Max tow sport s and Rubicon. Same engine same tranny. Same Dana 44 axles same breaks same 410 gears. Rubi is just got more weight...
  4. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    Rubi towing numbers are slightly lowered due to added weight. A Max tow sport s and Rubicon with a tow package will probably have the same effect on the hills. That weight is pushing it's limits. Max towing for a Rubi is 7k but most are lower than that depending on options so you s was probably...
  5. Seatbelt flapping annoyance

    I've heard there are clips close to the seatbelt that help with this issue to keep the flapping down. Maybe someone with a gladiator can show you or look around the cabin to see if they are there
  6. How Jeep and FCA Factories Will Look Upon Reopening With COVID Prevention Measures

    The Honda plant I work in Alabama is only running 120 units per shift on my side(line 2) until further notice. I think line 1 is moving them out a little more. I think all auto manufacturers are doing this because for one parts are taking longer to get for builds and there's over a 50 percent...
  7. Did the site’s formatting change for anyone else

    Look guys and gals this forum is already hard enough to navigate through when I'm drunk ,this change has me wanting to cry scream and throw my phone at the same time. I'm all kinds of confused
  8. How are you holding up during the quarantine?

    I'm still working normally for now and the only thing I've been effected by was less overtime but it's been a blessing in disguise. I've been able to actually enjoy the weekend off and spend time with the wife and kids. Before this I had only one off day. I'm still nowhere near getting a...
  9. MacGyver Fails

    In Alabama thats called simple redneck engineering 101
  10. COVID-19 Stories

    Our numbers are going up like crazy here in Alabama and with our first confirmed death yesterday. Just got word this morning that the Honda plant I work in will be shut down for a third week until the 7th. I'm a contracted company that works out here so we have been here pretty much every day...
  11. This virus is killing my new truck buzz

    That's what happened. Everyone was bragging because it wasn't in our state yet but they didn't realize Alabama didn't have any tests so with no tests they couldn't confirm anything. Now we have alot of tests and the numbers are climbing fast.
  12. This virus is killing my new truck buzz

    That is old data. Alabama is at 22 now
  13. This virus is killing my new truck buzz

    Saw today where a Canadian couple made 70k upcharging Lysol and cleaning products on Amazon. I won't lie I got a large pack of toilet paper and a few extra grocery necessities to feed my family just in case but to the people buying 20 cases of toilet paper and buying all the diapers wipes and...
  14. This virus is killing my new truck buzz

    I want to thank everyone on this thread for giving me a laugh while I'm stuck at work this morning. this whole thread has turned into a virus :LOL:
  15. This virus is killing my new truck buzz

    Alabama just had it's first case and everything is running around like a nuclear bomb is going to hit. Grocerie store shelves empty no toilet paper we all gonna die lol
  16. Interest in a Max Tow tailgate decal?

    Get with @steffen707 or @pixeldecals they can help you make one
  17. ROLl CALL- How many have you owned?

    Ha I can beat that. 0 Jeeps. But I've been wanting one ever since a man that owned the property we hunted was former military and had a very old Jeep( not sure what it was) but had the actual plate of some sort saying that it was shipped back from the military and just that plate people wanted...
  18. Am I asking to much? Windshield replacement

    You can literally see metal shavings where they hit and cut into the frame. I would be pissed and I've never seen such a hack job. This definitely was not the right way. Go after them with all you got