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  1. How Jeep and FCA Factories Will Look Upon Reopening With COVID Prevention Measures

    I'm basing that on the posts I saw when I first joined where a whole lot of people thought the COVID-19 thing was blown way out of proportion and they didn't understand why they couldn't just live a normal life and buy things and visit stores and all that. Maybe the folks who argued that it was...
  2. How Jeep and FCA Factories Will Look Upon Reopening With COVID Prevention Measures

    I ordered a Gladiator a few weeks ago but I'm perfectly content to wait however long it takes if it means that y'all are safe and you get to go home to your families. Ignore the people complaining about a longer wait - a truck isn't worth someone's life or livelihood.
  3. Just Ordered? Check in HERE!

    This post shows the different status codes. I ordered a Sting-Gray JTR with a bunch of options a couple of weeks ago and mine is D1 with an estimated ship date of 25JUN, which is perfect because it's just before I'm supposed to get home from here.
  4. Stickers and decal pics!

    I like this - I wonder how it would look on a Sting Gray, with the satin black grill to balance it on the front.
  5. FYI: Tread Lightly Discount Signup Summary (FCA Program)

    I wrote to the customer service email on the bottom of the page and they responded letting me know that the Gladiator is indeed eligible, and just hasn't been added to the site. They said to choose any vehicle to get the control number.
  6. Northridge4x4's Gladiator Build GIVEAWAY!

    Entered! I'd like to see what bumpers you'd put on there.
  7. FYI: Tread Lightly Discount Signup Summary (FCA Program)

    Do we need to have the affiliate code when we order or when we pickup the Jeep? I am ordering in the next week or so, but won't pick up until July or August.
  8. What is everyone seeing? Below Invoice and rates?

    Which dealer in the Dallas area was it? I've been working with Mac Haik but they're only offering 6% below invoice. I don't need the truck until July (or maybe August if I can't get out of here until then) so I have time to wait for a custom order.
  9. FYI: Tread Lightly Discount Signup Summary (FCA Program)

    This isn't good. So much for saving $500. :headbang:
  10. Most Difficult Options to Add Later?

    I've been trying to work something through Mac Haik, so hopefully it will be ready by the time I get back. But at some point I'll have to fish or cut bait on the ordering process, so I don't know how much inventory they normally have or can get.
  11. Most Difficult Options to Add Later?

    Texas eventually, but my family is in Arizona - so...out of the frying pan and into another frying pan.
  12. Most Difficult Options to Add Later?

    I'm looking to buy a Gladiator in July when I (hopefully) get home. I want to special order it, but if the factory stays closed too long that may not be an option. If I am unable to special order then I'll have to find one already built, but of course it won't be exactly what I'm looking for...
  13. Factory Trailer Brake Controller releases ...EDIT: STILL WAITING

    This is something we can add after we take delivery, right? I'm going to buy this summer when I get back, and I want a brake controller, but I'd rather have the factory one than an aftermarket one.
  14. This virus is killing my new truck buzz

    I'm not freaking out, and I work for the government. And I couldn't care less if you keep talking because it doesn't bother me personally. I was trying to help you understand. And I don't want to "make you" STFU, nor can I even do that since I'm kind of tied up with things where I am. You're the...
  15. This virus is killing my new truck buzz

    The CDC website says this: I'd be careful about making claims before this thing has been totally played out. At the current rate of exponential growth this pandemic has the potential to eclipse annual opioid deaths in the next week or two, but I wouldn't say that's a sure thing. However, on...
  16. Rooftop tent and dirtbike

    Why not go with the RTT on a rack on top of the bed and use a hitch carrier for the dirtbike? I'm thinking about doing this for my track bike so I can sleep at the track.
  17. April 2020 Incentives

    FYSU, my wife lives in Tempe and she has been pretty consistently getting TP at Costco (I don't know which one or where it is). She bought a membership when this whole thing started and it's been useful for her.
  18. Any runners or bikers on here

    I run and cycle. At the moment it's just running since my bikes are all at home. I've done a few marathons (on a few continents) and a few long-distance bike races - Dirty Kanza a few times, the Chino Grinder once. I love to eat so the only way to not be incredibly fat is to burn craptons of...