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  1. Let's see 'em - Larger tires on Sport S wheels

    Love seeing these blacked out stock wheels. Just picked up rattle-can supplies to do that same on mine.
  2. Massive Harbor freight jack stands recall

    Thanks for posting. I've got some stands from HF, will have to check. When it comes to choice of products; Anything can fail. I've personally seen the aftermath from a very popular "big brand" of products fail and cause major harm. We all hope products do what they're engineered to handle but...
  3. Your Jeep's name

    Right on! My brand new white JT was immediately named TK421. Awaiting the decals now.
  4. BRIGHT WHITE Gladiator JT Club

    I joined the club a week ago. Not my first Jeep but my first white vehicle.
  5. Tested out the payload capability with Mopar Lift

    Close indeed but sounds like the rig handled the weight. With driver, any passengers, and load, you were probably hitting close that the MaxTow rating. I have a Max Tow as well so thanks for sharing. Good to see.
  6. Hardtop storage

    Nice! The kind of idea I was looking for.
  7. Ok, I'll be the first to post here :)

    I've never considered owning a vinyl printer until now. Great looking mods and has given me a lot of inspiration for my new BW Sport S. Tks!
  8. Took Delivery of Your JT? Sign in Here!

    New here and bought this sweetness two days ago. I had a JKU back in 08 but have been driving a F150 for the last several years. Back in a Jeep again!