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  1. Purpose of this hole in the weather floor mats?

    Or you can drain out the rainwater that drained in from opening the door in rain.. :giggle: reason I pulled them out yesterday :like:
  2. Overpriced aftermarket parts...

    I'm with AL. Mud Machine, my first 4 vehicles was high mileage and no warranty vehicles. I had to fix / maintain. Then I ordered my New MJ in 91 after Desert Storm.... Reasons I know it's maintenance and driving history..... warranty yes, why so I would not need it. OEM parts, lift, ECT. Good...
  3. 2021 Gladiator High Altitude Thoughts?

    Not for me but.... Well if it would have been out here in Huntsville area already you could bet most would have been gone from dealerships in days. The dealership I got mine from has moved over a dozen this month, most are Overland model's they only had a few Sport, Sport S and few Rubicon's...
  4. This makes me uncomfortable

    When I had my MJ shipped back to USA in 98 it went to a USMC base. I think that they moved it off the ship, like a beach landing. Then parked in storage lot right off of beach. Unluckily I didn't get back to States until it had been there for a month. Now I can look at the ground though the...
  5. I didnt know this was a thing (ok not a mod, apparently we all already have it)

    Well the manual is laying on my passenger seat with pages tabbed corners bent over to mark information. A PDF file of it on my phone too. Another hidden one is both sides of sun visors have a clip to hold paperwork too.
  6. Need some decal ideas

    Anyone that thinks sticker (s) can't or don't have a effect on owner job and everything else is might want to think it over. My vehicles have stickers on them but I'm selective on what and placement.
  7. Need some decal ideas

    :like: Easy to change if you want to that way or don't like it.
  8. Upgrading Winch Line

    Most only need to leave 5-8 wraps of line not quite 5 or more feet.
  9. What winch?

    Unless you are me the first time I didn't have a long enough winch line was in Ocala N.F. :facepalm: but for most you are correct, but winch line extension are easy to store and not to expensive. Now on the winch size needed the old norm was 1 1/2 times weight of vehicle. The military cheaped...
  10. Original Jeep Truck

    Some did, but I think that it was a project someone else started,. I see one I would like to have near where I live in ruff condition but a 4×4 one. they wouldn't sell. It's a static display of the business. Many that you can find are 2 wd version if in good shape and a project of someone. I've...
  11. Massive Harbor freight jack stands recall

    Thanks for the heads up, I got to check if the set I bought are on the list. :facepalm: damn I hope the A## that got my good ones enjoys them. Why I had to get the H.F. ones
  12. Original Jeep Truck

    Well it goes to show you Jeep's hold there value ;) to bad someone pulled out the front axle, I bet it was someone's project and moved on to something else or other.
  13. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Changed out to new winch and made a cover for winch line. Put in front rubber floor mats. Yes knock off Mopar ones. Sent message to see if my payment had made it to bank, since they would not accept a online pay off.:swear:
  14. Saw this in South Padre this weekend

    Ok so now back to the raped JT so now all it needs is a set of pink ",truck nuts or so stupidly oversized shackle in a shackle in the receiver hitch. :LOL: :giggle: Now if the owner of this is on here notice to each his own. :like: so if it's a Hellcat motor and Dana 60s or 80s good for you.
  15. Almost 200 People Arrested and 2 Shot During Go Topless Jeep Weekend

    Go on vacation leave on probation.. I have to wonder how many people don't understand how a DUI or like charge can and does change your life.
  16. Panoramic Hard Top Roof

    OMG with this for anyone in TX, NM, AZ or S.E. coastal states.. I don't even want to think about what that would be like, in August by Savannah GA. or like locations you would be steamed. Now on west coast or north west maybe.
  17. Almost 200 People Arrested and 2 Shot During Go Topless Jeep Weekend

    This has so many negativity things. It should start with the comment of "Redneck" being a negative discription so someone that actually works out side is a dirtbag? WTF has this country became. So farmers, oil field workers, welders and like are dirtbags??? This is part of the problem here...
  18. Steel or Synthetic

    Synthetic winch line and a cover is my first choice after working with both. I've made 2or 3 covers for my winch and used them all the time it's not in use. This is a picture of my 20 year old Ramsey winch line and no I didn't have a hook on it. (Retired now) I only use it with shackles...
  19. Havoc Winch in boxing and follow up install later.

    I planned on mounting control box above the right side fog light shown in last photo. I might still do that. Winch is fast spooling in with out a load. Now I need to spool in line under a load.
  20. Havoc Winch in boxing and follow up install later.

    Winch controle connector is low cost pins was discolored already might be a problem later. Connection is like a 1970s audio connector. Hand controller part is a copy of Warn's older model, handy for thumb use. Install went with out problems, I ran power and ground wires in wire loom and heat...