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  1. Beat by Amazon yet again Tbe poly pro makes a great abrasion cover. I run the 3/8 over 1/4 amsteel for the light rigging. 1/2 over 3/8 on the heavy. As for janky amazon. I have had...
  2. Beat by Amazon yet again

    But you can order your own dynema and make your own in any size and diameter you need. Check out seattle marine, full selection of color and diameter.
  3. "Bed Bars" or "Light Bars", anyone?

    The new name for them is chase rack and there are a few out there. They do all kinda look the same and lack the old school bundle of snakes look.
  4. After Market Tow options

    Well in that case a front hitch may or may not be a major help but they make maneuvering trailers so easy.
  5. GVWR, hardly any sag at all...

    Decorum forbids me to pick that scab however if you were to search around you would find a huge discussion of payloads, towing, lift heights etc. The major thrust that pertains to us is how the wheels and tires act as gyroscopes, this a big heavy axle and big heavy wheel and tires can lead to...
  6. Pool in Bed?

    Hypothetically speaking if you used a tarp you could place enough load on the tailgate catches that you wouldn't be able to open it to drain and would have to hand bail. Depending on environmental conditions it could also freeze. Not that I'd know or anything. But yes as long as it isnt a...
  7. After Market Tow options

    Etrailer is a gold mine for towing bits. Id spend the coin on the factory towing harness though. The fan can be done over the counter, should be a simple swap in swap out affair. How much trailering to you expect to be doing? Might want to invest in a front hitch to make trailer...
  8. Hauling Long Lumber

    Holy unbalanced load batman! See all that front extension? Goodbye steering and brake response. Also thats a huge amount of unsupported load and extension to the rear, id be super worried about swing radius.
  9. GVWR, hardly any sag at all...

    Everything from the pavement up contributes to gross vehicle weight. Everything below the suspension is considered dead load and everything above is live load. Idealy you want to get you dead or unsprung load as low as possible for all the right reasons, see the previous evisceration of d60s...
  10. Engine Recommendations for my '65 Gladiator

    Being on that side of the pond, I'm gonna get shot for this, have you considered an OM617LA swap? You can get a transmission adapter plate for the T18 and a 617 can be made to go nearly everywhere. With the right injector setup you can get...
  11. Seatbelt flapping annoyance

    Been doing it since the JK, I wonder how many drivers seatbelts are getting lazy to retract as well. My solution was to just clip any belt that for whatever reason decided to flap.
  12. LMAO Jealous people

    More like some data miner at facebook is kicking themselves in the ass, think about how much eyes on screen time have gone into this thread.
  13. LMAO Jealous people

    Looks line a green driver in a new machine. Having a spotter isnt a bad idea if only to build the driver and hold him there. A lack of cofidence at the wrong moment can break shit fast.
  14. Wind Deflector for Roof when Freedom Panels are Off

    I know the reviews suck. This is more of a proof of concept.
  15. LMAO Jealous people

    Quadratrac was a great idea that became way too complicated. I had a switch in the glovebox to lock it in 4wd otherwise it used slip.
  16. Hauling Long Lumber

    @rockcityphoto Interesting idea, you could carry the full length with out extending past. Somewhat like a glass delivery.
  17. Hauling Long Lumber

    What you need is a hitch mounted bed extender. If you have a welder you can make your own.
  18. LMAO Jealous people

    Somewhere an SJ is plotting your death. While an XJ is having trouble not soiling itself.
  19. LMAO Jealous people

    The AMC eagle was a hell of a capable crossover suv. Who knew the world needed a 4wd station wagon. A real jeep is the one that works for you and if that is a renegade on tiny little knobbys and a trunk tent or my neighbor's slightly lifted trailhawk cherokee built for surf fishing, if it does...