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  1. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    I left my Jeep outside with the top all the way off for the last 2 nights... it rained yesterday. It wasn't supposed to but we got a quick shower, nothing too severe. It was annoying because I'm waiting on my back seat covers to get in so I can install them, didn't want the bare back seats and...
  2. Basic operational questions

    Ah, I was on my phone when I saw this and was trying to answer quickly. I'm at work and it seems that SHTF, or is starting to... yay?
  3. Basic operational questions

    For the odo you have to HOLD the "ok" button to reset it (it tells you this on the screen). I believe you should be able to download the book from the Jeep owner area (go to Jeeps website and look for owner). You'll also sign up for Jeep wave and whatnot there too. You should have gotten a paper...
  4. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Went over these today :D
  5. SiriusXM Guardian, is it Worth Renewing?!

    What we're trying to tell you is that it's the same company, if you think it MAY be worth it at a lesser price, haggle. If not, don't and get rid of it. Not sure what I'll do yet myself. Report back if you get a discount.
  6. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Nice man, show us the end result too of the whole cab if you can.
  7. Arkansas Jeep/Mopar OEM Front Mudflaps

    I believe I've seen somewhere that the wheel wells in the Sport S Max Tow would have to be modified as well, is that true?
  8. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    I gotcha now. I knew the difference between the ATS and TS but didn't know the IFP. I'm not the most versed on these things, I'm learning as I go and trying lol.
  9. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    What makes that not the "TS"? I was under the impression by all the threads related to it that it was. It's what I bought and I've been using it for about a month and it makes a lot of difference. The steering feel is much more improved though I have to say my wheel still doesn't return to zero...
  10. Wind Deflector for Roof when Freedom Panels are Off

    I've not noticed anything especially dramatic with wind in mine, but to be fair when my panels are off my windows are down and the back slider is open, even on the highway.
  11. Looks like Hummer wants to be like the Gladiator...

    I would have to do some work in a military Hummer before I would use it as DD, like new seats, put in AC, airbags, etc... I was also never a huge fan of the crappy engine/transmission combo in them either. While they were great for military duty they were slow so I'd want to change those out...
  12. Looks like Hummer wants to be like the Gladiator...

    Not gonna lie (and will probably catch flak for this) but I've always wanted a Hummer the most, a HMMV or an Alpha but I can't legally operate a military one here on the roads and I won't pay nearly as much as anyone wants for the civilian H1. It is 1 of my dream vehicles and I hated when they...
  13. Hidden/Buried features of the JT

    My Gladiator is Gator color so I thought that's why mine were like this. The pedals are the same color as well.
  14. Installed Tuffy Security Console Insert

    I'll have to get back to you later today when I go for gas. I'll try to remember to look ! May have to remind me) but I'm thinking you can. I can take pics and try it to see what's up. I've seen someone say no but it looks like you really can without too much effort. Can verify tomorrow. L
  15. Hidden/Buried features of the JT

    Not sure it's a "feature" but you only trigger the engine off (ACC) if you push hard enough on the brakes. If you stop and press lightly on the brakes your engine keeps running, if you press harder then the engine will cut. Just learn to modulate the brake pedal and you don't have to turn it...
  16. Hidden/Buried features of the JT

    OMG wait, that's not for manually changing gears in the "manual" more for the automatics!? I have to go check that! I was super disappointed with no audio controls as well, this changes quite a bit.
  17. Hidden/Buried features of the JT

    Perfect size for my wallet, so it goes in there when I drive if I'm wearing pants that I put it in my rear pocket.
  18. Arkansas For Sale - Plush Groundhog Up For Grabs

    @Tacoman03 @cabledog5 You guys may want to edit that info back out. That's PM material.
  19. Arkansas Jeep/Mopar OEM Front Mudflaps

    $30 of mud flaps behind $300 worth of tp.... what times we live in.