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  1. Tekonsha Brake Control Wiring Harness

    The Redarc works as @SwampNut said. It can be mounted any way but needs to be secure so it won't be loose.
  2. Basic operational questions

    My salesman was a young fellow. I had never owned a jeep before so I was asking a lot of questions. I couldn't see the oil filter so I laid on the linoleum floor and slid under. Still couldn't find it. So I asked him and he got under it too, he couldn't find it either. I was beginning to doubt...
  3. Brake control install oops!

    Yhew. Glad thats over!
  4. Basic operational questions

    This is true but I think you will still need to have the fob in close proximity.
  5. What's my tow capacity with larger tires?

    That would take a mathematical guess. At best I would think you will hardly be able to notice any difference. I say that because nobody really knows the total weight of the things they throw in the bed plus in the seats. If you are keeping a record of your MPH you will see a bit shaved of from...
  6. Basic operational questions

    They are supposed to go over all that at the dealer before leaving with it. You can download the manual.
  7. Tow Mirrors

    I got a set from @Thorn-Engineering and tried them on my JT today. He did a really good job in making these. If you tow with the Gladiator or late year Wrangler for that matter, you will love em. My hats off to T. Andrew and his Rampage adapters.
  8. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    I would think they were made to accommodate off road.
  9. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    Max Tow springs (P) 68341445AB Rubicon springs (P) 68341451AC
  10. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    I think the JTR have different springs. The Mopar numbers were shown here on another thread I read last year and probably someone can find the info. I doubt the payload would be the same because its all based on the overall weight of the vehicle. The Rubicon is loaded with everything. You...
  11. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    My tongue weight is 240# and takes the edge off just right for that smooth ride. You know how a pickup with a cap on the back takes away any bounce.
  12. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    That payload increase on the Max Tow is do to the rear springs. They are stronger to accept tongue weight. So whatever your tongue is would be deducted from the 1650# you quoted.
  13. Tekonsha Brake Control Wiring Harness

    PM Jeff at @jwilson2899 he'll give you the scoop.
  14. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    I agree with you @Alabama Mud Machine . I don't really think the extra 650# as a gimmick but a fact based on the math. I bought the Max Tow and I'm only pull a 2500# camper and a utility trailer! I believe in over kill, the simple reason is I don't what to over work the engine and be able enjoy...
  15. Tow Mirrors - Rampage Adapters for JT/JL

    I ordered a set from @Thorn-Engineering and they cam today. I ordered the mirrors from Quadratec a week ago and they are on back order. I've tried calling them several times to at least get an approximate time but the answering machine says they are busy. I'm sure they won't order one for me...
  16. Massive Harbor freight jack stands recall

    Well I took my two sets back today. They issued me a gift card for the amount of to new sets. I didn't buy another set because 3 ton jacks are not too useful on a pickup.
  17. Installed a new trailer camera setup

    Thanks for the video. That is pretty cool!
  18. Massive Harbor freight jack stands recall

    I just checked mine. I have four 3 ton HF stands that have the recall numbers. My two 6 ton stands do not have the recall numbers. I also have a pair of Big Red stands from tractor supply that look identical to the Harbor Freight stands. I called the local HF and they said to bring them back...
  19. Anyone install a second tow hook Sport S with stock rear bumper

    I put one on, thanks to forum member @Gregj who had an extra.