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  1. JT Overland - Tire Options for Mostly City Driving

    Unlike others on here who never look and see where someone lives before recommending MT tires, I see that you live in Cleveland, OH where you get the lake effect snow and ice. I know this because I have family that has lived there for over 50 years. The last thing you want is an MT tire. You...
  2. Rubicon take-off it worth it?
  3. GOBI Gladiator JT Club

    Cool. Which rack is that?
  4. 315/70/17 vs 35x12.50x17

    I had them on my '15 JK and ran them at 32 psi.
  5. bug deflector

    Looks great. Did you paint it yourself?
  6. Hood Rock Deflector...Yay or Nay

    Oh ok. Wow, 3 times. How did it happen?
  7. 315 70 17 on stock gladiator sport s

    Oh, they'll fit. It's just if the tire shop will mount them or not.
  8. Hood Rock Deflector...Yay or Nay

    I wonder if there's something like the screen protector used for cell phones but larger and could be put over the windshield. Or a clear, thick window film.
  9. Hood Rock Deflector...Yay or Nay

    Lol what brand was it? I had the Bushwacker on my JK and it never broke.
  10. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    Thanks. I checked out pixeldecals before but they didn't have that specific one. It's pretty cool, they should just include it with their other Sting-Gray ones.
  11. Hood Rock Deflector...Yay or Nay
  12. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    Nice. Where did you get that at?
  13. Actual tire diameter - a scam?

    He means the [Banned Site] Jeep forum. way a life
  14. Will JL front bumper fit on JT?

    Yes. And some JK front bumpers that fit the JL will also fit the JT.
  15. Kenda Klever R/T KR601 35x10.50R17

    Yeah, that sucks they wouldn't be available on 17". Here's a pic of them on the 18" rims
  16. Will 35X12.5R17 fit the OEM Rubicon wheels?

    They all have the same offset.
  17. Kenda Klever R/T KR601 35x10.50R17

    Nitto Ridge Grappler in 18 and 20
  18. Are the wheels swappable between JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator?

    I got my Rubicon JL wheels on ebay
  19. Gladiator Taillights Now Available from Quake LED!

    Just standard. I'm not technically advanced enough for light-hacker.