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  1. Colorado or Front Range Gladiator owners

    Congrats on the new addition!
  2. Rubicon fender swap

    The LED kit does include the wiring for the DLR's for the non DLR models.. BUT it has to be wired separately for the Jeep. *it's not plug and play. I've read of owners doing an LED swap and not wanting to hassle with the DLR wiring. The wiring if I recall has to go the fuse box by the...
  3. JT JP20 Jurassic Rubicon

    I would love to see this in person! So so cool...…. Outstanding build...
  4. Smittybilt X20 12K Synthetic Deal

    100% agree it's a tight fit, but I was able to mount the same winch with the controller in the middle. I mentioned that in my install post wishing RH had moved the bolt holes just a little further forward to allow more room. Initially I was going to re-drill the holes towards the front, but it...
  5. Colorado or Front Range Gladiator owners

    I think a JT trail ride would be awesome! DiabolicalDianoga, Congrats on your new Jeep! I live up in Coal Creek Canyon and we have some good trails in the area. Not real difficult, your stock Overland would do just find. More just dirt road, not rock crawling. There are some awesome...
  6. Rubicon fender swap

    Thanks... In the before pics, it looks like you are still running the original lights... IMBW. Did you secure the lights as take offs, or did you get them new.... What a change in the overall appearance of the Jeep with the Rubicon flares. It doesn't change much appearance in the rear, but...
  7. Rubicon fender swap

    Looks good... Did you have to reprogram for the LED DLR's and Turn signals?
  8. Mopar Bumper Install

    The Fog lights you have pictured are the correct ones for the steel bumper. You don't need any adapters. Uses 4 8mm bolts. If you were using your plastic Non LED lights, you'd need the adapter for the steel bumper. Take a search under my name.... I did the bumper swap awhile back and its very...
  9. Gladiator Taillights Now Available from Quake LED!

    Mr. Black, Just food for thought.... I would think the people buying these wouldn't already have the factory LED tail lights either with the LED package or safety group avoidance option. I really don't see many, if anyone, swapping out their current LEDs for these units. *Just my opinion. With...
  10. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Satin Vampire Red... As always, special thanks to Don at Pixeldecals for exceptional products.

    If they fit the Overland/Sahara models, they should fit the Gladiator with the Max Tow option... Max Tow models have the 2 piece front fenders like the Rubicon and Overland/Sahara. Max Tow models also have the daytime running lights. Yes or No?
  12. Installing Mopar Rear Bed Rock Rails on Overland and Sport Gladiators

    Well done! Looks great and they will actually help when needed.... I'm still not a fan of any of the aftermarket bumpers out there right now, so I'm appreciating my setup. Some of the aftermarket bumpers out there are actually pretty bad looking, some are "ok"... Colorado Gladiator... ' BTW...
  13. Smittybilt X20 12K Synthetic Deal

    I used the Rockhard… Comes with everything you need and about half the price of the Jeep/Mopar plate.
  14. 2020 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updated Monthly]

    Mojave and Rubicon same MSRP base price... Interesting..
  15. Painted rubicon fenders

    tbaker, You might be better off buying the set from Mopar or a Mopar vendor. You might find some front's off a JL, but finding sets of the JT is slim pickings. My impression is the JL and JT owners hang on to their flares "just in case"... Especially if they are painted. There have been a...
  16. Farewell Jeep Gladiator Forum (sort of)...

    Appreciated your support of the Forum... Did you remove your Hood Decal. That was cool... That had to be a little emotional. You'll miss the stares and finger pointing.. Smile
  17. Installing Mopar 82215351 Grille & Winch Guard

    Also grab some nuts for the 3 bolts that go in the front of the bumper where the plate comes off.. Reinstall the bolts with nuts.... Looks much cleaner than 3 open holes..
  18. Mr & Mrs Overlander JT Build

    Best addition is the Wrap! Love it.....