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  1. Ammo Box Bed Accessory

    If you can, I'd just make an extended bracket to drop the can down some to get the clearance you need. Also, nice work on your rail system. I was thinking about just adding a couple extra anchors, buy I might do a rail system like yours now. I've also got some random ammo cans laying around...
  2. Colorado or Front Range Gladiator owners

    I followed Jackson Creek Rd into the national forest and then took a section of Rampart Range Road south on Memorial day. I love all the little roads that spur off of these into camping areas. Finally got some mud on the tires and got to test out the 4wd. Probably didn't really need it for...
  3. Trans America Trail

    I'm hoping to do at least some of this from NC out to at least CO. Got an AF buddy who wants to go too. Might try to convince the wife to do some of it later this year as just a camping trip. Haven't taken our 3 year old camping yet.
  4. Storage Optimization

    I got this and returned it. Probably would've been helpful except that the passenger seat it up too far for it to fit because of my son's rear facing child seat. Also, not really a huge fan of having to use double sided tape as a mounting solution, eventually it'll give way. Also got and...
  5. JT JP20 Jurassic Rubicon

    That's a thing of beauty. Soild work.
  6. Colorado or Front Range Gladiator owners

    Anyone know if Rampart Range Road is open fully? Or any similar roads/trails nearby. I need to get out and drive.
  7. Storage Optimization

    My pistol stays on me, the lockbox is only for when I go somewhere where I absolutely cannot take it into. I usually try to plan for those instances so I'm not locking up my pistol in my vehicle or it's already locked up where before I get there so no one can see me locking it up. As for your...
  8. Stock Overland Off-Roading

    Thanks for the report.
  9. Stock Overland Off-Roading

    Watching some videos of guys out in the western part of NC in the National Forests, there are some sketchier roads out there.
  10. Stock Overland Off-Roading

    I've got an Overland with the all seasons, been wondering something similar. All I'm planning on doing to it are some all terrains and maybe a new front bumper and winch. Also not planning on doing anything crazy, mostly forest service roads, etc.
  11. Storage Optimization

    I'm planning on doing one of the lockable hatches for the center console for pistol storage. For now I have a Snapsafe lock box with a cable wrapped around the seat frame that's under the drivers seat in the back. It fits under the read of the driver's seat quite well and doesn't move around...
  12. Overall who's pretty pleased with the power output of their Gladiator

    I'm in CO as well and I'm quite satisfied with the power. It takes off quicker than my old Ridgeline. I don't feel like I'm lacking on the highway. I wasn't expecting it to be a rocketship. I'm also driving a stock Overland with the all season tires. So I expect some loss of perceived power...
  13. Storage Optimization

    Both of those, especially the center "console" option, sound like something I'd potentially be interested in. I'll keep an eye out. Thanks.
  14. North Carolina

    I'm moving to the Winston-Salem area at the end of June. Also will probably spend some time out near the coast, my parents have a house out near Bayboro. I've got an Overland and it's my first Jeep. Looking forward to exploring NC with it after I get some better tires.
  15. Storage Optimization

    I came across your stuff on the sponsor page. Definitely intrigued by the grab handles and the middle roll bar piece. I've got a ton of molle pouches and what not I've accumulated over the years and these might work out well. Gonna have to sit in my truck tomorrow and figure out if they'll work...
  16. Storage Optimization

    That's actually pretty close to what I was hoping to find instead of using double sided tape,
  17. Storage Optimization

    I saw that box thing on the quadratec site. Wasn't really sure how well that would work though as I was sitting in the truck looking around inside. Going to have to do some research on that. As for the molle panel, do you know if this one requires any drilling to install?
  18. Storage Optimization

    If someone made a molle panel that mounted to the sides of the center console by the shifters, I'd be set.
  19. Colorado or Front Range Gladiator owners

    My first wave was another Gladiator up near Loveland. I've been seeing quite a few around the Denver/Aurora area. I saw a red one right after they released driving around the Anschutz Med School campus when I used to work over there.
  20. Storage Optimization

    I love the overhead molle rack, don't love that I have to make permanent holes in my trucks structure. With the plethora of molle pouches I have laying around it would be a good solution. I did find a molle pouch that mounts to the grab bar nicely. We'll have to see how the wife feels about...