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  1. RLD designs pic request

    Is no 4th brake light a standard thing on the new canopies? I'd love to not have one since the bed has it covered.
  2. RLD designs pic request

    Rhino due in Long Beach 7/2.
  3. Added MOPAR Aux Switch Pod - The results...

    My radio showed the switches before they were up and running in my Jeep when I enabled the option on my Tazer Mini so if you aren't seeing the option, that sounds like the sales code wasn't programmed properly. Either that or you might need to do a full reset to get the control module to...
  4. Gladiator rubicon wheels, near Richmond Virginia

    Still have these?
  5. RLD designs pic request

    Ok, it's official. Having the daily-updated tracking info is 10x worse than not knowing. That red line doesn't move nearly fast enough.
  6. 5.13 Re-Gear Question

    Do it if you enjoy acceleration. Getting back to stock ratio isn't enough when you are adding a bunch more weight further out on the tire. You can go a lot deeper on these transmissions than you could in the past. On a JK, 4.88's were the norm because it has a .83 OD gear on the 5 speed AT...
  7. Convert portable air compressor to mounted

    An ARB is an ARB so no differences in dust/waterproofness like Viair and others. Just make sure you're running a fat enough power lead to handle the amperage because it can be substantial. You can otherwise mount a portable unit as is and it's good to go.
  8. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Finally got the interior juiced... was waiting on a good set of battery terminal crimpers. Blue Sea's 4-gang fuse block tucks up nicely to the side of the glovebox attached to the speaker pod with a millimeter to spare. Wires have a bit more room. 4 AWG from the battery through the nipple...
  9. Synergy Brace Issue

    It should not. The brass is a fixed bushing which the nut will spin inside which is why it's critical you grease the fitting. If you're getting noise from the bushing area, it's likely you're getting dirt and the like in there. I would think they'd have a tight enough fitment that it...
  10. Rhino Liner on Bumper and maybe more

    Lol the site is so old the text encoding is no longer valid.
  11. Rhino Liner on Bumper and maybe more

    Line-X is the toughest I've seen and will last years. My dad uses the hell out of his truck very regularly with sharp rock and his liner still has perfect coverage without any separation or tears after nearly 15 years. Faded as shit, but still fully functional. Rhino Liner is a bit softer and...
  12. Replacing Air Filter

    They have an unnecessarily tight fit because they want you get frustrated and pay the dealership to do it. If you remove the 4 screws until you start feeling them click, they are supposed to be somewhat captured and only come out if you pull up while unscrewing where they will bite into the top...
  13. Factory bed liner

    Wow, someone half-assed that install. They should have removed the forward tie-down hooks as @kevman65 mentioned and reinstalled them after the liner was in place. The tie-down bolt mounts through that hole and is assumed to help hold the liner in place. If you want to fix it yourself, the...
  14. Gladiator dual swing rear bumper prototype renderings.

    Check out the videos for Victory 4x4. It's their non-Jeep half of the company and they have some extremely thorough videos as to how the system works on a 4Runner. Same idea here. Basically there's a plate that allows it to be locked out at 90 degrees so you can access the back.
  15. Rubicon steel skid plate install help

    In addition to the two brackets you have, you need: 8x 6511076AA - Rivet Nut 1x 68353836AA - Passenger Side "fang cap" Bracket 1x 68353837AA - Driver Side "fang cap" Bracket And, in total, you need 8x M10-1.5 x 30mm bolts (the grey ones above) and 4x M8-1.25 x 30mm to hold the skids to the...
  16. Review: 2020 Gladiator Mojave Takes On Tacoma TRD Pro in Gravel Pit Showdown

    It was kinda new in 2016. Same frame and front axle setup with just a slightly taller suspension. Cab was the same but has a slightly different look from door restyling. Same rear axle except for the MT and locker variants. New engine and transmissions but same transfer case. So it was more...
  17. What size tires can fit on the standard rims on a Rubicon?

    Many threads on it. 35x12.5 and 315/70R17 fit zero rub, 37x12.5 fit with some rub in some scenarios.
  18. Gladiator dual swing rear bumper prototype renderings.

    @JcrOffroad Any chance you have a weight of the bumper itself?
  19. Anyone installed Rubi front fenders on Sport?

    @PyrPatriot Fenders themselves (your pic) are identical and there's only one part number. Fender flare mounting is identical and the only difference is that the Rubicon fenders are pushed upward/forward/rearward to clear larger tires. Where they connect to the truck is the same so swapping is...
  20. 315/70/17 vs 35x12.50x17

    It's something that's unavoidable with large tires. I think mine were between 3-9oz each. If you are really concerned about it, get a Road Force balance done. Takes an hour to do 4 but they can locate the high spot on the tire which will minimize the weight required when installed correctly.