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  1. JT JP20 Jurassic Rubicon

    It was just the regular red plastidip spray you can get at Walmart or Lowe’s. I only used dip temporarily since I already had the stock wheels sold to a friend. The new wheels are powder coated
  2. JT JP20 Jurassic Rubicon

    It’s not paint, it’s Avery satin red vinyl
  3. JT JP20 Jurassic Rubicon

    Made a “mini me” today with my hotwheels. Ordered some Gobi touch up paint from mopar to use.
  4. JT JP20 Jurassic Rubicon

    Nice work! I’ve sat on the rendering of mine for 3 years waiting on JT to be revealed lol (I work at FCA)
  5. JT JP20 Jurassic Rubicon

    Hey man! Yeah worst case if they don’t ever make one I’ll have to have one custom made over the frame I’ve got
  6. JT JP20 Jurassic Rubicon

    Hello everyone! I know some of you have seen pics of my truck in a few spots but figured I’d assemble a build thread to document everything do anyone who’s curious. To start, my name is Matt and my JT is a Gobi Rubicon, ordered September 18th 2019, delivered October 17th 2019. saddle leather...
  7. Uconnect update issues and carplay

    Update number 2. The weird double icon went away in its own today. Guess the system just needed a few on/off cycles to even itself out
  8. Tazer JL Mini

    My double icon issue went away on its own today... I guess after the uconnect update it needs a few on/off cycles to even itself out
  9. Recall on the backup camera

    Yeah I saw some people had this issue on here after installing a tazer programmer but I don’t use a programmer. And the brand new one on the lot was doing the same thing. So not sure what’s going on lol
  10. Tazer JL Mini

    No tazer at all, I have this issue. Was at the dealer today having my uconnect recall done and it didn’t fix it. They checked out another JT with both cams on the lot and it also had double icons... not sure what’s up
  11. Uconnect update issues and carplay

    Strange... I feel like I saw another post on here where someone had the double icons too and I can’t find it anymore. Strange the one off the lot did the same thing, he showed it to me. The buttons still work, theres just a duplicate of the magnifying glass and it overlaps the others
  12. Recall on the backup camera

    Anyone else having double icons on their backup camera after the update? I did the over that air update yesterday for this and my carplay wouldn’t work with phone calls. Took it to the dealer today and had them reflash it and do the Update there. Phone calls work again but the double icon I...
  13. Uconnect update issues and carplay

    Update. Took it to the dealer, they re-flashed it. Carplay phone calls work again. Back up camera icons are still screwed up. They took another JT with both front and rear cameras like mine and the back up icons were also screwed up. So nothing the dealer can do about that until it’s patched in...
  14. Uconnect update issues and carplay

    It popped up an update window every time I started it up today. If they hadn’t have been popping up I wouldn’t have updated either
  15. Uconnect update issues and carplay

    Yeah I saw that and assumed that this update was the recall one. But now it has problems it didn’t before lol
  16. Uconnect update issues and carplay

    Just did the uconnect update that was sent to my 8.4” today. Update was successful but now my backup camera icons are overlapped and I can’t take phone calls while my phone is plugged in and connected to car play. Regular Bluetooth phone calls are fine, but when plugged in it forces call audio...
  17. JT20 Build

    Yep that’s me. That’s taken in the parking garage at the Chrysler tech center. I work there. It looks a little different now lol

    Wrapped my JT a couple months ago. I’ve posted before but not in this thread lol
  19. Goo Gone on Plastic Window

    I have the same exact problem... dealer taped mine to the plastic window as well. I have to take my truck in to the dealer soon anyway, I was going to make them clean it off since it’s their mess. If they scratch up my window I’m not liable.