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  1. RSI Smartcap

    Thank you so much for this follow-up post. We truly are sorry you had a less than stellar initial experience, but are stoked it all worked out in the end. We also greatly appreciate your business and the confidence you have placed in the brand. We are excited to see your build!
  2. RSI Smartcap

    First, I want to apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced with our pre-order process. We take our customer service extremely seriously, and your post today has triggered process changes. When we launched the program a few weeks ago, we were overwhelmed with the response we...
  3. Pricing

    Our SmartComponents are designed to plug-n-play with the SmartCap, so you can absolutely order and install them at any time post the purchase of your cap. For pricing, simply click on any of the components you see on the SmartComponents page on our website and scroll down for the price.
  4. RSI Smartcap

    Sorry Lou for pulling this stuff back up. I was trying to provide correct info in case anyone came across this older thread that was here before we were on the Forum. However, since the answers don't show up till the end rather than nesting them, it seemed pointless. Hope you're having a...
  5. RSI Smartcap

    Have you been to the new site that was released in early April? We have included a ton more information for each product including all applications we are releasing in 2020, pricing, etc.
  6. RSI Smartcap

    This is an obvious point and I can't speak for how RLD does their load ratings, but I can tell you that our in motion ratings are, in part, based on how much weight is safe to put on top of a moving vehicle.
  7. RSI Smartcap

    Hey guys, Im going to insert myself in this convo if that is alight. The commercial version you are showing is our EVOc model. Its base price is not $1,600, but rather is $3,195 for the mid-size and $3,395 for the full-size versions.
  8. Gladiator Truck Cap Photo Comparison

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We were undergoing changes on our social accounts that temporarily disabled the links. Those have been resolved.
  9. SmartCap goes on new Jeep Gladiator Build

    Here ya be and thank you for your kind words.
  10. SmartCap goes on new Jeep Gladiator Build

    Checking on your question regarding additional specs for the c-clamps. As per your question regarding the number of c-clamps, we include 6 per SmartCap--so no added clamps will be needed. Also, see attached pictures. With the Gladiator, we ship our standard c-clamps, but we also include a...
  11. SmartCap goes on new Jeep Gladiator Build

    Those are really cool products fo sho! Can't really comment on what 2021 or 2022 might hold--who knows--but I can tell you exactly what our immediate future holds. Our design, engineering, and manufacturing team are very focused on getting our SmartCaps and SmartTrays into North America as...
  12. SmartCap goes on new Jeep Gladiator Build

    Please see below. Been wondering since Monday (11th), when I re-started following along the ROKON (Alu-Cab) Thread, what RSI's "Reaction Score" is (currently) and what, if any, Modifications RSI may be contemplating. We have a detailed process that our team follows to deliver the results we...
  13. Gladiator Truck Cap Photo Comparison

    Hello to all on the Gladiator Forum. We put together the below photo comparison to visually demonstrate how these four truck caps look on the Gladiator. We did our best to try and find matching camera angles for each of the caps. No matter which cap you decide to purchase, we hope this tool...
  14. SmartCap goes on new Jeep Gladiator Build

    You bet. While currently during the COVID time we are somewhat limited to still photography and graphics, we are posting quite often on our social channels. You can follow us here on Instagram or here on Facebook. Also, if you have not already, I would encourage you to sign up for our email...
  15. SmartCap goes on new Jeep Gladiator Build

    Absolutely. Can you confirm if you are asking for the dimensions on a SmartCap EVO or the SmartTray? If you are asking about the SmartCap, please see below. If you are asking about the SmartTray, per my earlier post, we do not have the engineering done for the Gladiator yet so I can not provide...
  16. SmartCap goes on new Jeep Gladiator Build

    We expect to have our Custom Color program in place late 2020/early 2021.
  17. SmartCap goes on new Jeep Gladiator Build

    Sorry about that. i meant late 2020/early 2021.
  18. SmartCap goes on new Jeep Gladiator Build

    Sorry for the frustration about the lack of specs on our SmartTray System. Those products are not slated to come to North America until late 2020/early 2021. Our engineering team is busy working on our SmartCap applications right now and will then move into the development of the SmartTray...
  19. SmartCap goes on new Jeep Gladiator Build

    We haven't taken them yet with Rick's Jeep, but here are some renderings of that setup.