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  1. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    @JeepCares, while you're at it, is it possible to respond to post below:
  2. Any FCA employees able to give an update on conditions at Toledo Complex?

    Many of us have seen the video on the new protocols FCA put in place to protect workers in the Coronavirus pandemic. We know that most workers returned on May 18. It was reported that Jeep expected production would be about half the rate prior to shutdown. I have not seen anything on how...
  3. Is it me, or does the Jeep windshield soak up way more bugs?

    Insurance replaces windshields with no deductible.
  4. JT Overland - Tire Options for Mostly City Driving

    I have not had them, but thinking of getting Continental Terrain Contact A/T.
  5. Bought my Gladiator Overland one month ago- my review

    The steering box is bad. Recommendation: Get it fixed.
  6. This makes me uncomfortable

    Ouch. But there are both VA and MD stretches, both for the $90, right? And it is an annual pass, although does not help much if you don't live near enough. Core banks NC a better bet. $0 for offroad permit, but ferry can cast as much as $85. Driving is allowed on the open oceanside beach...
  7. Hi, I'm Dirty Dick Saylor from Tampa, FL

    I deliberately did NOT get the 8.4 with mine. First, because I did not want to pay $1800 for it; second, who knows what navigation will cost per year after the five you get with it (I plan to keep the truck a lonngg time); third I am a paper map guy; finally when my wife is with me she uses...
  8. This makes me uncomfortable

    Yes! I am hoping to do that one soon. Been on Ocracoke beaches several times, and also looking forward to Cape Lookout. You have to get your Jeep ferried over on a small private ferry.
  9. Overland or Rubicon - Can't Decide

    Thanks! And yes I am interested. I have traveled between SW Florida and SE So. Carolina so many times, but usually just passing through. With family, it's usually I-75, US-301 and I-95. but when I am by myself I go right up through the middle of the state. I think I've seen the ranger station...
  10. Overland or Rubicon - Can't Decide

    OK, now I am getting interested in those Central Florida trails. I have driven Hwy 19 through Ocala National Forest many times, but never stopped to do a trail. After reading your post, I tried to find some info, but mostly I see hiking, horseback, and ATV trails mentioned. Can you save me some...
  11. Overland or Rubicon - Can't Decide

    To me it's about how you see the primary reason you want the vehicle. If you view it as a rock-crawling off-road Jeep that also has to take you places, get the Rubicon. If you view it as daily driver that you want to take off-road sometimes, get the Overland. I ordered an Overland, because I...
  12. Hey all! New here!

    Beautiful girls. Probably take after their mother. :)
  13. Beat by Amazon yet again

    eBay fall? I wouldn't mind seeing it, but I haven't.
  14. Tread Lightly, Employee Pricing, and Friends and Family

    Don't know anything about your specifics, but it is common for dealers to apply every possible discount to their internet price to lure you in the door.
  15. Manual Transmission Club

    I'm waiting too. The optimist in me thinks they have new clutch parts that don't overheat that they are using for the new builds. Else why would they stop taking orders for manuals right when the recall went out, then resume a few weeks later?
  16. Manual Transmission Club

    Lots of info in this thread, but not about new builds: Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) For Gladiator Manual Transmiss [overheating clutch pressure plate]
  17. Trekstep

    $260!! I think I will buy a hitch step for about 1/10 the price.