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  1. Wranglers don't wave

    This guy in a TRD off road Tacoma goaded me into a drag at a stop light...same result. Then I told my father-in-law who has a TRD sport who didn't believe it and I smoked him too. Most Wrangler owners here in ABQ just show there's off at the mall. I've done more in my old Outback than they ever...
  2. No bed power? No problem! $9.99 do it yourself.

    I am not an electrician. Okay i clarrified that. But i do believe in making things as simple as possible. If you want install dc in the bed and run an ac power inverter off that why not just figure out the gauge of wire you need and run it directly off the battery. Figure what size fuse you need...
  3. FR 462 Tijeras, NM

    Thanks for the link. That first pic is where i got to. I didn't climb over that step i drove around it. It looks like it hooks up with FR13. Im gonna have to explore that a little more.
  4. No bed power? No problem! $9.99 do it yourself.

    Your gonna use about 15 ft of wire. From what I've been researching which wire gauge to use should be considered off of voltage drop. The bigger the drop the smaller the wire size needed. I used 14 ga and hard wired it into the battery. I used an inline mini fuse holder. I wish i would have used...
  5. FR 462 Tijeras, NM

    Took my JT out for the 1st time on FR 462 south of Tijeras. Anyone from this area know about this road or more specifically FR 12? I entered by Coyote TH and after a few miles the road turns south. You can either turn south or take FR 12 north. I took 12 north a few miles until I got to this...
  6. Wranglers don't wave

    I got more waves in my tricked out Renegade.
  7. Jeep Lift Kit and Fox Shocks Giveaway!

    Cause I need to keep my girls busy to keep the boys away!!!!
  8. Wave from the 505

    New to the forum, just got a Sport S w/ max tow package couple weeks ago. Can't wait to get out there!!!