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  1. Because the regular frowny-clown grills aren't bad enough, there's this abomination

    Nah that's just Bane from Batman :CWL:
  2. Clayton Off Road Memorial Weekend Sale!

    Well that was just the nudge I needed... bye bye money :piggybank:... hello lift/suspension kit!:involve:
  3. Bed Racks - Now Available

    See the video above your post. The access tonneau cover works fine with the rack.
  4. Bed Racks - Now Available

    That vid was perfect! Not too big of a deal to roll it up. Looks like this tonneau cover works with rebel off road’s rack system as well. Saw your license plate so next time I’m making a SoCal trip I will have to drop you off some Pliny. I can’t make a trip down there without supplying my buddies!
  5. Bed Racks - Now Available

    @JcrOffroad I am really like the full rack for the gladiator. Besides the question I posted above. Do you have solutions for attaching an awning on your full height racks? Thanks!
  6. Bed Racks - Now Available

    I really like your setup and I am looking to do something similar. How's the Tonneau cover holding up and is it easy to roll up and down w/ the rack? Which Access cover did you end up going with? And lastly can you or @JcrOffroad measure the amount of space under the cover? I am looking at...
  7. CB or Ham, the better route?

    I think this thread is a good view of why Ham radio can be real lame. A bunch of self important people on it with too much time and a feeling power. The FCC and ham sticklers could use the overlap with Ham & GMRS transmitting on the 5 "high powered" (max 50watt) GMRS frequencies as a gateway...
  8. RLD designs pic request

    Thanks! I’ve gone back and forth with getting a trailer. If a crazy deal shows up I’m pretty sure I will be doing the same!
  9. RLD designs pic request

    I bet you it would work for your Alu-Cab. And if not they should tweak it to do so. That'll open up another market for them to sell into.
  10. RLD designs pic request

    I was figuring you were all rolling with kids. I've got 3 and a dog. Mine are still pretty young, but we are getting closer to give shorter trips a go! My interest in the RLD is to allow for maximum storage, awning, and a shiftpod2 tent up top...
  11. RLD designs pic request

    Great... More ways for me to spend money on my Jeep:rock::piggybank:
  12. St. Francis Dam - pics and Ridge descent

    That’s awesome! Just need to flip that phone to landscape :giggle: I will have to add it to my list of places to explore!
  13. Dometic or ARB fridge?

    I’ve been lurking on this great thread for awhile, but I will pop my head up and say I’m interested in buying a discounted battery off him/you. Those batteries can be pretty amazing for our rigs.
  14. All Terrian vs All Season Tires

    I had no idea about RTs. I think it's exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for making me look them up!
  15. All Terrian vs All Season Tires

    Go ATs and don't ever look back! They aren't that loud and look way better then all seasons. If you go with all seasons good luck selling them if later you decide to upgrade. If you don't like the ATs and want to go all seasons then you will be able to sell them much easier used. My 2 cents
  16. RLD designs pic request

    That didn't take long to get it out with the new canopy and tent! Awesome! Slight thread jack... Would love to know more about your trailer and why you have one in addition to your RTT? Thanks!
  17. CB or Ham, the better route?

    Ham is by far the way to go if your crew is willing to take time to study & test. GMRS is a great option if testing is an issue. Midland has some decent mobile units that have a lot of power. FRS and CB are awful once you’ve used the more powerful handhelds and mobile units of Ham & GMRS. Hope...
  18. RLD designs pic request

    Thanks. Luckily Willem hooked us up. So we've got some emails going back and forth.
  19. RLD designs pic request

    I've had a real tough time getting ahold of anyone over there. It's like they don't want my hard earned dough?! Granted my call/email was in the middle of this SIP BS. Do you have a number other then their main one that you can PM me? Much appreciated!
  20. Need some education on wheels/tires/lifts

    Honestly I would find some rubicon take offs. Don’t be afraid to grab some JL Rubicon take offs either. The BF Goody K02s are excellent and you can do a 5 tire rotation. JT/JL take offs can be a lot cheaper than new tires. This will get you out exploring the trails faster too. Then you can...