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  1. Leaving Door Bolts Off?

    I am no longer putting on door hinge bolts or the door plungers. I am also only putting on 4 hard top screws (2 on roll cage, 2 rear near seat belts). I wish the front door electrical connection was easier to pop off. I need to use a key to pry the lever up.
  2. So, what is everybody towing?

    I only tow it to the ramp that is about 1/4 mile from my house to put it in the marina for the summer. I'm going to take it Thursday to fill it up with gas since fuel at the marina is like 4 bucks a gallon and at the gas station 1 mile a way on land it's about $1.60. 80 gallon tank it's worth...
  3. So, what is everybody towing?

    Towed the Outrage today.
  4. Post your payload pics!

    Smoker and new tire.
  5. Leaving Door Bolts Off?

    The backstory is even funnier. It was pouring rain. Truck was in the driveway and at like 6am something shorted and my monster stereo turned on by itself and woke everyone up. The top was up but I guess enough water got in to cause a short.
  6. Leaving Door Bolts Off?

    Both of them.
  7. Tested out the payload capability with Mopar Lift

    You are correct. I was thinking GCVR. Which is basically the weight of the truck and anything on / in it on a scale. I do think that the GCVR and payload capacity are related, just not sure how the calculation works.
  8. Tested out the payload capability with Mopar Lift

    It is any weight, doesn't matter where it is. As long as that extra weight is pushing down on the road beneath the tires it counts towards the payload.
  9. Your Jeep's name

    We call whatever pickup we currently have "The Donkey" because it's primary function is hauling the boats, building supplies, firewood and garbage.
  10. Leaving Door Bolts Off?

    I once couldn't find my YJ's doors for a few days. My dad was pissed. "how the f*+< can you not know where your goddam doors are?"
  11. Leaving Door Bolts Off?

    I am having a hard time following what you mean - do you have a pic?
  12. So, what is everybody towing?

    Towing the baby Whaler today.
  13. Leaving Door Bolts Off?

    Is there any issue with leaving the door bolts off for the whole summer? On my YJs once I took the nuts off, I lost them forever.
  14. New York Rubicon Rims/Tires

    How much are you looking to get for these?
  15. Tow 21' bowrider with Overland? Or stick with Max Tow?

    I have a 22 foot Outrage with a dual axle trailer. It weighs about 5500 pounds loaded up with fuel and gear. I only tow it a few miles to the boat ramp but I still got the max tow. Better gearing Wide axles Didn't need the 'luxury' overland features Can tow other things if needed More cargo...
  16. Got Hit Yesterday

    Got it back today. It was completely detailed and did not have a spec of dirt anywhere on it. Repairs look nearly flawless. Color matched the paint perfectly. Even the orange peel is almost exactly as the factory painted body panels (slight bit less than factory - but you have to look really...
  17. Got Hit Yesterday

    Jeep is finally repaired. Might pick up tomorrow. Took 2 months due to parts availability. The body shop is showcasing it in their showroom next to a Ferrari and a Porsche.
  18. April 2020 Incentives

    If I were buying right now I would wait a few months. I predict that there will be some deep discounts, if they are still able to make cars. It would not surprise me if production does not resume this model year.
  19. April 2020 Incentives

    Probably around 750+ credit and a paying job. But that number and condition is relative to how much risk they want to take in order to move inventory.
  20. Help Needed: OEM Part Number for Max Tow Rear Shock

    Does anyone know if the following part is for the Max Tow: 68465830AB Also, is there any difference in the control arms and track bar on the Max Tow?