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  1. Pool in Bed?

    That is a good idea. Safety first :)
  2. Pool in Bed?

    Let's say, hypothetically, someone wanted to play a joke and was going to put a pool in the back of the Jeep for the fun of it. 372 Gallons of water = 3,100 pounds. Clearly over the max payload. 3,100 ok if not moving? lol Clearly I have too much time on my hands right now...
  3. Bed Racks - Now Available

    I have the half-rack. I know the rollup does work (if you move it around)....was hoping for a slider so you don't have to move the cover around so much. (Not looking to climb in lol)>
  4. Bed Racks - Now Available

    I love the @JcrOffroad half-rack on mine. Has anyone found a RETRACTABLE tonneau cover that will work with it?
  5. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    It was a good day...
  6. Total Topless Hack (For Soft Top)

    Nice. I use to roll it up on my Wranglers but the long-term effect on the window was not great. It could be used in a pinch though.
  7. Total Topless Hack (For Soft Top)

    I am not going to argue with the people that say the straps are for the back window. Personally, I didn't think they were due to the angle and the strength of the snap. Works ok for me on the top and I really don't want to get in the habit of rolling up the back window anyway.
  8. Total Topless Hack (For Soft Top)

    I have not seen that cover. I did see some people talk about it. I think it was an option. Do you have a side photo?
  9. Man bun?

    Not a fan of the top folded all. I did this so it could come off in less than 5 min...
  10. Max tow with or without hood “Gladiator” stickers?

    I am kind of a fan of the sticker...I do think yours could even be a bit bigger lol.
  11. Different use for soft top straps...

    Nope...just went out and tried it. I had no idea. Doesn't do much for aesthetics but it is a bit cleaner and will cut back on some top movement. Thanks!
  12. Different use for soft top straps...

    Wait? What? - I am going to need to see more pics and what people are doing here...
  13. Are rear storage bins standard?

    Yea...they are crazy price. Especially since it comes with the ability to put stuff under the seat...just not lockable...already - Crazy upgrade price at the dealer level. For me anyway, just not worth it. The outlet is nice tho :)
  14. Are rear storage bins standard?

    My package didn't come with them. Most of the items (like the trail rail system) was cheaper to add after the fact. Tough to find them in the open market.
  15. Bestop 2-Piece Full Fabric Doors, Front JL SKU: 5175017

    I love the idea and certainly, they are quality considering who made them but damn...that price. And that is only for two.
  16. Total Topless Hack (For Soft Top)

    Nothing yet. Maybe Bestop will come up with something. Needs a different rail system to fold all the way back.
  17. Loud Hard Top

    They did start to move toward lighter hardtops which did bump up the noise level a bit at higher speeds.
  18. Siri Issues - Gladiator Sport

    Do you not have the Car Play feature? I was not able to get UConnect to work right, but the phone (plugged into the armrest usb port worked great with Car Play...and Siri).
  19. High Lift Jack mount

    The reflection threw me off for a second...thought it was on the tailgate lol. Nice install!
  20. Doors off (trail) mirrors?

    They have some deals to get them a little cheaper. I never found anything close to what they had. Very solid.