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  1. Lower back pain anyone?!

    I had serious back trauma in 2008, and my back is FUBAR. So much so, I can't even workout like a normal person...I can step wrong on flat ground and borderline throw my back out. But I don't find any discomfort when driving my JTR. But I do think that the width of the leg-room area (left to...
  2. Ideas for new jeep (gladiator) owners....
  3. Wranglers don't wave

    Gen Y is Millenial, but mostly the 90’s babies. I was born in 86, so, I span 4 different decades of influence. Typically (not all, but typically) the ones born in the 90’s are a bit of a “special” breed of millenial... Which is why I consider them to be a different generation, separating the...
  4. Wranglers don't wave

    I like law & order, but some laws are BS, the government has gotten WAY too overreaching and powerful. I want minimalist government. The government should not be infiltrated into every facet of our lives, like it currently is. Gen-Y is the gen after us... I wouldn’t want to be those soft...
  5. Suggestions on front bumpers that also allow for winch mounting

    I haven’t had any cooling problems. And there is a several-inch gap behind the winch, so it gets adequate air for proper cooling. :like:
  6. Overland or Rubicon - Can't Decide

    You said they they came with it, as if they all did straight from the factory... Special order is not all. You never said “you can get it special order”...”
  7. Wranglers don't wave

    EXACTLY! I’m a “Millennial” by age only... I grew up around older kids, so I’m an anti-authoritarian anti-government anarchist Gen-X at heart. Dating at my age is hard... Dating in 2020 is a fucking joke. Where are all the good women? Oh that’s right, they’re already taken... :( Also...
  8. Gladiator top tool kit?

    I checked everywhere, even in the freedom panel bag... Apparantly some dock at the dealership stole mine out of it before I purchased it. :mad:
  9. How do you deal with the thought of another full size truck?

    I bought my Cummins new in 2007, so I’ve long paid it off. Only thing it costs me is liability insurance every month and a tag once a year. I think I’m right at 62,000 original miles on it. 2005...That’s a 6,0 Powerstroke. Has it had ARP headstuds put in? I’d recommend it strongly for...
  10. How do you deal with the thought of another full size truck?

    Same here. Some seem to think of the JT as a full-size truck replacement, when it is actually a bit of a hybrid mid-sized truck/wrangler. It’s limited in capabilities in both respects. It is not a full-size truck replacement, nor a Wrangler replacement. For what it is, it it is great...
  11. 2020 Gladiator Mojave Review: For most buyers, the Mojave will make more sense than the Rubicon [Autoblog]

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. The Mojave’s cost vs. value does not equal-out In my opinion, as well.
  12. How do you deal with the thought of another full size truck?

    How do I handle it? I grab my keys, and go outside and fire up my 600 HP 2007 Ram 2500 4x4 6.7 Cummins if I need to tow anything of any weight or size. ;) I’m a truck guy first, and a Jeep guy 2nd. So I will always have a “real” truck (my Cummins) for towing, and other real truck dedicated...
  13. Is it me, or does the Jeep windshield soak up way more bugs?

    That’s why I paid $499 for my added windshield protection package when I bought mine. My auto insurance doesn’t offer free replacement, just free bullseye repairs.
  14. Can someone with a Tazer Mini and Rubicon test the Locker function please?

    You would be surprised, some folks think pushing the locker button again is what deactivates it.
  15. Can someone with a Tazer Mini and Rubicon test the Locker function please?

    No, sway bar disco was over 20 MPH, not the lockers. You always need to be fully stopped to engage & disengage lockers, or it will tear shit up.
  16. Can someone with a Tazer Mini and Rubicon test the Locker function please?

    Mine works in 2wd. You know the big red “off” button on the left side of the locker & sway bar disco buttons is what deactivates them, right? Sometimes it just takes a minute to disengage. I have found mine does that occasionally.
  17. Advice on Daystar Spacer Level Kit?

    $80 for an alignment? My local shop only charges $59 for a 4-wheel alignment...