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  1. Any FCA employees able to give an update on conditions at Toledo Complex?

    70% of full production before Covid. Can't provide actual numbers but just checked and the Jeep plant is at a similiar production situation, ie. roughly 70% with maybe +/- 10% variance daily. Parts suppliers are also going through a ramp up as well, which could affect what each plant is capable...
  2. Any FCA employees able to give an update on conditions at Toledo Complex?

    We're at maybe 70% potential after the first full week of three shifts at my plant. I can't imagine the Toledo Jeep plant being any better. There's more downtime at breaks and between shifts, like an hour of lost production just to facilitate distancing.
  3. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    It's in ver 11.2.1, says it's automatic.
  4. 2021 soon?

    The latest on the 2021's is that changeover to the new model, primarily the Mojave model changes have been postponed until 3rd quarter 2020. They are/we're still taking orders for 2020s as of mid-April and just started getting production back moving. They will have to build the orders reserved...
  5. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    After a good amount of finger yoga, got my Warn Crawler Full Width bumper installed. Mildly disappointed that my Warn Medium Grill guard wasn't compatible but still like the looks. Weighs a ton and feels oh so solid.
  6. How do I get a CB/HAM microphone mounted here? Has anyone drilled it?

    There are a bunch of mounts that install between the handle and dash. You have to take the grab handle off and use the bolt that secures it. This is one example of a mount: This is a simpler version:
  7. Basic operational questions

    #2 Move to the odometer screen on the screen behind the steering wheel using the wheel button controls on the left. Once there, there are two trip odometers, pressing OK at either will reset it.
  8. Uconnect update with tazer installed?

    No issues after 2 days with the update and a Tazer installed during update.
  9. Seatbelt flapping annoyance

    Not at home right now but this is how I solve it. Plastic juice or milk jug, cut a large rectangle out of it and cut a slit into it. Slide the belt into the slit and tuck the whole piece into the crevice where the seat folds. Can be modified easily with whatever is on hand, the key being a long...
  10. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Would the aftermarket adjustable hood latches solve your OCD? I think there are latches that can be tightened down to lower the hood, eliminating the hood shake some Jeeps have at higher speeds.
  11. Tonneau Cover to fit with bed rack

    This YouTube channel has something that might work. Not exactly bolt on rack but there's possibilities. He's using a Diamondback cover.
  12. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Installed one of two, JCr Offroad Rear Ihterior Molle panels. Installation is easy in theory, a little bit of tool yoga in practice. Re-installing the Hard top bolt that secures the bottom of the panel is tight. Using an extension, especially one on the end of a cordless driver is recommended...
  13. Wrangler/Gladiator Loose Steering

    Dead spots in steering - 3 maybe 4 inches or so where you turn the wheel and no corresponding change in direction Mushy steering - feeling of constantly readjusting direction not caused by bad alignment or tire pressure Take a look at the comments here...

    Pretty much what everyone else has mentioned. Let the top warm up in the sun and take your time. I've found that hosing down an installed top and letting it sit in the sun for a while, hosing it down again and taking it down then putting it back up helps stretch things.
  15. How Jeep and FCA Factories Will Look Upon Reopening With COVID Prevention Measures

    Yup. If you ordered a Gladiator, it should be placed in a priority slot in the system. Depending on how far ahead the plant generates vehicles, usually about 2-3 days of full production any customer order will be placed into the system at that point. Keep in mind, it will be placed in the system...
  16. How Jeep and FCA Factories Will Look Upon Reopening With COVID Prevention Measures

    First off, I don't build the Gladiator but FCA's plan is roughly the same throughout all the plants. They're planning on a ramp up of numbers over a period of time depending on how the new protocols impact the production process. Every plant will be impacted differently. Our totals will be 700...
  17. 67 Designs or Bulletproof Mounting Solutions?

    Tried both 67s and Bulletproof, they both work well. My problem with both which is minor and not a design flaw, they both feature a squeeze grip to hold the phone. I've got a Google Pixel which has a squeeze to utilize the AI. Have to turn that feature off if I want to use either. Or pay 67...
  18. How Jeep and FCA Factories Will Look Upon Reopening With COVID Prevention Measures

    I'm responsible for a team of workers, we were brought in a week early to help translate what management and the safety effort is doing into a format that actual human beings can work with. My understanding is that the actual full workforce will return the week of the 18th where they will...
  19. Any good rooftop racks that mount to the BACK of the roof (leave the freedom panels "free"?

    The Mopar rack won't work with the OPs requirements: "Not recommended for water sports, canoe or paddle board carriers. " Personally, I've never really trusted the racks that grip onto the 'rain gutter' on Hard Tops. Seems like a climber holding ontoa ledge with just his fingertips, LoL. I'd...
  20. Gladiator Door Not Flush

    Definitely. I build cars for a living and was at various times responsible for door fit and entry seals. Door fit is something that's checked in the final stage of production, adjustments are made when required since there will always be an off fit now and then. Generally, the striker (the metal...